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Nick Clegg to be knighted – he’s the Prince of Pisstoleers

Nausea overwhelmed twitter at the news that Nick Clegg   – yes, Nick Clegg, is to be knighted in the New Years Honours list.  Lord Fibbington Muchley, the poster boy for perfidy.

Nick Clegg

Nick is to be knighted for his services to the Coalition, ie. consistently using his veto to block every single decent idea the Tories had.  His most damaging intervention was to  block all terror measures and plans to fight radicalisation on the grounds of human rights in spite of valiant efforts by David Cameron over an entire weekend to change his mind.  This is how one of Nick Clegg’s Coalition partners described him, in May  2014.   Continue reading

George Osborne is still trying to knife Boris Johnson

For a journalist, Dan Hodges is a nice guy, down to earth and not a bit stuck up.  His Achilles heel is he is so innocent, he shouldn’t be let out alone.

As Mayor, Boris Johnson gave a huge amount of help to George, even  bailing him out when the economy was tanking by giving him some sound economic advice.  George of course claimed all the credit, and for while some innocents, including Dan, actually believed him. Boris’s reward as proudly revealed by Dan, was George then said he intended to “knife Boris in May 2016!”.   Continue reading

Leading Out EU? May ripped away our border defences!

The news that Theresa May might lead the Out EU campaign, can only elicit hollow laughter.  It is May who ripped away our secure border defences. Not only that, she bungled the matter so badly, it has cost the country millions.theresamay4Theresa May has presided over record numbers of immigration, and during the time of the Coalition, everything that would have protected the UK, such as measures to fight radicalisation, were shelved.  Nick Clegg ruled the roost and unlike Boris Johnson whom nobody could have silenced if he thought the UK in danger,  from Theresa May not a peep. Continue reading

In his article on the SNP, Boris says, you wouldn’t get Herod to run a baby farm, would you?

We need boundary change because the present system unfairly favours Labour by  about 30 seats.  Nick Clegg put paid to that by breaking the Coalition Agreement. Even so, Ed Miliband is not popular enough to win on his own.  As Boris Johnson explains in the Daily Telelgraph, he can only win with the help of the SNP.  Boris begins:

“You wouldn’t get Herod to run a baby farm, would you? It would not normally occur to you to interview a convicted jewel thief for the post of custodian of the Tower of London.nicolasturgeonYou would not dream of asking a fox to look after the henhouse or a temperance campaigner to run a brewery or Attila the Hun to work as a doorkeeper for the Roman senate – and no one in their right mind would enter into a contract with a bunch of voracious weevils to protect the lovely old timbers in the tower of the local church. Would they?

Continue reading

Is David Cameron brave enough to bring back Boris?

Are George Osborne and our PM brave enough and unselfish enough to  do what it will take to save this country?  That is the bottom line now.borisanddave13The choice could not be clearer. Either they bring forward the date of the Mayoral election, freeing Boris Johnson to devote himself body and soul to the campaign, or they hedge their bets.  The result will be another weak coalition and the country destroyed, torn apart by warring factions and the appalling decisions of minor parties, using their clout to  impose wacko policies. Nick Clegg is a luxury the UK simply cannot afford. Continue reading

Return of the freedom fighter! CityAm praises Boris as champion of liberalism

An article in CityAm by an ex-Cameron aide has praised Boris Johnson’s forthcoming return to the House of Commons because he will “put real liberalism back into politics.”BorisgocartAlex Deane says ” Having Boris sitting in the House of Commons once again could see a reinjection of real liberalism, of a renewed commitment to freedom, into the Conservative Party and into our national debate about policy. Continue reading

Nick Clegg’s betrayals come home to roost. Who’s sorry now?

The red rimmed eyes and the protestations that it was all for his country failed to arouse an iota of sympathy.  Few believe that Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems were governed by anything other than self interest in entering the Coalition.nicksorry Look at the obstacles thrown in the Tories’ way by Lib Dems in the Lords, resulting in the resignation of Lord Strathclyde. The peer then appeared to have a dig at Lib Dems in the House of Lords who have been responsible for many of the government’s 59 defeats in the upper house since May 2010. Continue reading