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Next party leader? The perfect woman is waiting in the wings!

She’s feisty.  She has been part of a political family all her life.  She is a tomboy,  who can field a catch like a pro.  She has tussled with brothers all her life, all much bigger than her.

She is mouthy and can make a point as forcefully as the best of them.  She knew sorrow and heartache as a child.  She is no spoilt princess, who throws hissy fits and whines if she breaks a nail. She has strong, clear views.  She can argue her case until the cows come home and until they go out again for milking in the morning!  And milk them too!  Continue reading

May savaging the saboteurs? or put to the sword by Brexiteers?

As a conversion, it is more astonishing than St. Paul on the road to Damascus!  PM May has suddenly become a clean Brexiteer!  This is the lady who dubbed anyone who wanted a clean break from the EU “crazy” and  a “fanatic!” This is the lady who admits she is a Remainer, who gave free rein to the Chancellor to slag off Brexit and whose husband Phil, a hedge fund manager, loves the EU almost more than life itself.It struck me as odd that when the PM announced the forthcoming election in Parliament, there was not a Brexiteer in sight. David Cameron, Blair, Cleggers, even the EU members were ecstatic at the news and announced glowingly that a huge mandate would “ensure the best deal for Britain” something they suddenly seemed awfully happy about. Continue reading

Another reason to vote for Zac. Cleggers and student fees!

Fifteen thousand students and lecturers marched through London in protest at the huge cost of student fees today, and who can blame them?  Free in Scotland, only £3,000 in Wales, students in England have massive debt hung round their necks, and only one party is to blame,  the Lib Dems. cleggjudasIn the book Call Me Dave by Lord Ashcroft and Isabel Oakshotte, it turns out that Cameron and Osbo gave Nick Clegg the chance not once, but several times to honour his promise to students that they would not have to pay £9,000 in student fees. They made it plain that the Tory Party was willing to think outside the box. Continue reading

Groping is indeed about power, which proves my view that women should stay out of politics

Rachel Johnson made a good point in her Mail on Sunday column , although I disagree with her conclusion.  Rachel said groping isn’t about sex, it’s about power.  Good point!  Because politics itself is all about power, and those who rise to the top are those with the will and cunning to exercise it best.  Ann Widdecombe also duffs up female MPs in the Daily Express.  .  Stop your moaning, says Ann, as she goes on to say they aren’t up to the job.  I agree with every word.

The ruthless Catherine de Medici

The ruthless Catherine de Medici

Unfortunately, women can’t, with a very few exceptions, exercise power like men can. Margaret Thatcher was a shining exception.  She understood how to gain and wield power, so successfully that to their fury, she beat men over and over again.   I bet she slapped down any number of gropers without a second thought, too.  Barrister Joanne Cash says there is much much less sexism in the legal profession than in politics. Of course.  In a world where establishing dominance is the primary objective,  for certain MPs, sexism is just one of the many means available in keeping a section of your rivals in their place, while gaining ascendancy.  Continue reading

Celeb BB: Bojo, Cleggers and Ed M, who would be first to be evicted from the House?

.bojowallWhen Boris Johnson was asked about Celebrity Big Brother, he said he would be thrown out of the House in the first few minutes.  Come again? Nobody knows more about playing up to the cameras than this man!   He is a master of the media, who could outwit even the Machiavellian producters of CBB!   Boris in PJ’s with bed head hair?  The sight would change the nation forever. Continue reading