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Pious Chuka and Starmer ignore the dirty dealings of Remain

Chuka Umunna continually insists that the Leave campaign “pledged” to pay £350M to the NHS.  Oddly he has admitted in print that no Leaver ever explicitly made such a pledge – their remarks were only suggestions.  This is confirmed by a quote he gave to the London Standard. (below).chukaumunaLabour is in such disarray, this is the sort of trivial snitching Chuka and Keir Starmer are reduced to.  Much ridiculed “independent” Professor Bob Watt from Buckingham University has even reported the Leave campaign to the CPS, charging them with “undue influence.” Continue reading

No holds barred punchup between Boris and unions ends in knockout for Boris!

Boris Johnson should be proud today. This is the end of a long battle.  He has been calling for tougher strike laws since 2009, and today, on his first day in Parliament, the Tories applied for legislation to do just that.  Boris Johnson gay advertChuka Umunna on ITV News was dishonestly pretending that voting in an election is the same as voting for a strike.  No way Chuka! Anyone affected by a General Election or a Mayoral election has a say in that election, through their vote.  Strike votes affect millions financially, who have no say, so under 500 people can make millions suffer. Continue reading