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Pack it in! Boris Johnson puts his foot down with North Korea

In a childish display of military might, Kim Jong-Un held a parade of missiles in the streets of Pyongyang, the capital of  North Korea.  My missiles are bigger than yours was his unsubtle message.  The response of our Foreign Secretary was measured.  Stop threatening international security and abide by UN rules, he told Kim.  Prez Trump has warned that North Korea is “looking for trouble” and ordered an aircraft carrier group to the area to highlight American concern.  China has expressed fears that “conflict could break out at any moment”, and that such a situation would bring no winners. Continue reading

Boris Johnson’s statement today on Aleppo

RECENT EVENTS:   Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson outlined the tragic events in Aleppo over the past few months.  The last UN convoy entered Eastern Allepo on 7th July. The last food rations were handed out on 10th November.  The last functioning hospital was blown to bits on 19th November.borisiraq275,000 men, women and children are therefore trapped in E. Aleppo without food, medical care, water, or electricity.  They are being bombarded from the air with barrel bombs by Syrian helicopters, it is a hell we cannot possibly imagine. The Foreign Sec. then gave a graphic description of barrel bombs.

The rebel forces began to collapse on 26th November, and hundreds of young soldiers have been marched off to an unknown fate. Continue reading

Proof from City AM that once we have Brexit, the world will be our oyster

City AM is notoriously pro EU,  but even this biased newsheet cannot deny the offers are flooding in to trade with Britain as soon as we are free.  City AM says:london7“A survey by consultancy giant FTI of nearly 1,000 business leaders from nine countries including the USA, Singapore, India, China and Brazil shows 74 per cent support the idea of their country striking a free trade deal with the UK. Continue reading

The Gov. is sacrificing the steel trade to curry favour with China, says Telegraph

The  Telegraph Business reveals that not only is the EU not helping the British steel  industry, it is Britain who is blocking help from within the EU.   An article today says that Britain is sacrificing the steel industry to curry favour with China.georgechinaTelegraph Business reports: “Britain’s special relationship with China is becoming more expensive by the day. It now threatens to destroy the British steel industry, a foundation pillar of our manufacturing economy. Continue reading

Barnstorming Boris battles for Britain and Brexit (Leave) in Dartford

In Dartford today, a fired up Boris explains some of the disasters for Britain of being in the EU club.  He said: “The price is too high, it’s an anachronism.  This model of integration, trying to make a single country out of many,  doesn’t work. We have the courage to leave!

It is because we stayed out of the euro that we have one of the most successful economies in Europe. Continue reading

Boris Johnson has an enviable reputation abroad

Boris Johnson is one of the very few politicians in the UK who is well known  abroad, where he has an enviable reputation.   Whereas nobody would recognise George Osborne, Philip Hammond or Theresa May,  Boris is instantly recognised and admired.borishillaryIn Germany, Boris has a reputation for sound common sense, he is described as a man who gets things done. He got a rave review in Die Welt. The gist of the article was that apart from being charismatic,  amusing,  cultured and highly educated, he has achieved, even though he has less power than the Mayor of Berlin, so much more. Continue reading

George pinches Boris’s policies, then says he will knife him in May

George Osborne is in China and according to Dan Hodges, he is a trail blazer on the Silk  Road.  Dan has a short memory.  It was only 2014 that Boris Johnson embarked on one of his hugely successful trade missions, that according to Allister Heath saved London and the UK.  At the last minute, George decided to tag along, but the original move to save the economy through trade missions, including  China was the Mayor’s. borisgeorge10For the first three years of George’s Chancellorship, the economy was stuck in the doldrums, teetering on the brink of double dip recession.  It was Boris who told George that austerity  was not enough, and only investment, tax cuts and boosting the economy would stimulate growth. The way Boris handled the London economy set the blue print for the UK,  Boris led the way and George followed. Continue reading