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May’s unprincipled behavour is enabled by the MSM

There is only one person to blame for the dire state of Anglo/Russian relations and that is Theresa May.    The Russians have a right to be upset that PM May cancelled Boris Johnson’s trip to Moscow three times , then turned on him and screamed and abused him in the media.

Putin showed good will by giving Boris an open invititation to visit Moscow to discuss his 2016 pleace plan.  The invitation was an olive branch for peace. If Boris had been allowed to quietly go through the plan in depth with President Putin, who knows what would have transpired.  When May blocked the trip for the third time, the Russians, who unleashed their fury in the media, had every right to feel upset.  Boris certainly did. Continue reading

Rumpled Boris Johnson sees off Peston

Boris supporters, after all the stress and upset he went through when he risked his entire career fighting for our rights and freedoms during Brexit, are so happy he is having a relaxing weekend at beautiful Chevening.  Nobody deserves it more.
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What is behind the constant attacks on Boris Johnson from No. 10?

Interestingly, 95% of twitter is on Boris Johnson’s side over his remarks on Saudi Arabia.  Boris spoke out in Rome last week and it is hard not to believe that Theresa May picked her time, when she publicly tried to torpedo Boris yesterday, a day before he left for Saudi Arabia on an important visit.  borisdroll11If she didn’t wish to upset the Saudis, surely it would have been better to sort things out in private?

Many of May’s attacks on Boris have been unprovoked, unpleasant personal insults, with Philip Hammond. One of May’s pleasantries was to compare Boris to a dog that might be put down. Continue reading

US politicians have Boris on speed dial

Our ebullient Foreign Secretary has visited five countries in three days, cementing bonds and talking up our hopes for a fair Brexit deal.  He was having dinner with the Serbian PM, when he was called to the phone to answer a call from the Prez Elect’s VP, and the Serbians were all graciousness, insisting that he should take the call.borisserbia2Boris was first on the list of all the Foreign Secretaries rung by PE VP Mike Pence.  Mr. Pence told the Foreign Secretary he has followed his career and admires Boris’s work. Continue reading

May silent as Hammond launches vicious attack on the three Brexiteers

PM May’s claim that she is a passionate Brexiteer is looking a bit moth eaten, as another rabidly pro Remain attack from Philip Hammond went unreprimanded. Hammond attacks David Davis for angering Merkel?  Whose side is he on? Then Liam Fox and Boris got it in the neck.borisfoxdavis.jpg

The Sun reported: “And his comments come after all three have received rebukes from Theresa May in recent weeks for going off-message about Brexit.”  The odd thing is that Remainer Philip Hammond, and friend of George,  goes off message about Brexit all the time, and Mrs. May never says a word! Continue reading

It’s the Tories who tried to keep the LibDems straight. We failed

Preachy Nick Clegg has the nerve to claim that the Lib Dems have kept the Tories straight, have been a restraining influence.  What a travesty!  The facts show that all the wrong doing has been the other way around.cleggsmirkIt was Nick Clegg who broke the Coalition agreement, not David Cameron. The PM fulfilled his contractual obligations over Lords Reform to put it to the vote.  When the Lib Dems lost, Cleggers ratted out of the Coalition agreement over boundary change.  Now the Tories are still stuck with a system which favours Labour, and is unequal. Continue reading

Nick Clegg’s betrayals come home to roost. Who’s sorry now?

The red rimmed eyes and the protestations that it was all for his country failed to arouse an iota of sympathy.  Few believe that Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems were governed by anything other than self interest in entering the Coalition.nicksorry Look at the obstacles thrown in the Tories’ way by Lib Dems in the Lords, resulting in the resignation of Lord Strathclyde. The peer then appeared to have a dig at Lib Dems in the House of Lords who have been responsible for many of the government’s 59 defeats in the upper house since May 2010. Continue reading