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May 13 points ahead of cynical antisemite Corbyn

A Mail on Sunday poll shows that PM May has soared into a huge personal lead over antisemitic Jeremy Corbyn.

On March 4th, the Russians tried to murder the Skripals and May’s personal popularity soared to 13 points ahead of Jeremy Corbyn. Her handling of the situation far outclassed the potty theories of the Labour leader, who was seen as a Russian stool pigeon, or as Boris Johnson put it, Russia’s useful idiot.   Continue reading

Boris’s comments on OPCW report as crisis in Syria escalates

Boris Johnson has made a statement on the analysis by the OPCW (Org. for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons) of the poison that was used to try to kill the Skripals.   The full report of the the OPCW is also below.  The horrific result of the use of chemical weapons in Syria is a warning if no action were taken when there are further incidents here.

Boris has had experience of the use of chemical warfare in Syria, since he became Foreign Secretary.  He states that Assad has used chemical weapons four times since 2014. The displacement of 700.000 Syrians is a major crisis since early 2018.  Continue reading

What is the truth? World Health Org. demands access to Syria chemical weapons site

Russian spin doctors are issuing contradictory reports, but their main story is that chemical weapons have not been used in Douma and the reports of civilians killed, including children are fake.  What is the truth?

The World Health Organization (WHO) has demanded “unhindered access” to Douma in Syria to check reports from its partners that 500 people were affected by a chemical attack there. Continue reading

Bullying Russia stands alone and isolated says Boris

The West has let Putin get away with bad behaviour for way too long.  On Friday, it was revealed that 131 people might have been exposed to Novichok nerve gas.  Boris Johnson explains below why we have to stand up to bullies like the Russians.

In a Sun exclusive, Boris wrote:  On Friday it emerged that 131 innocent people may have been exposed to the Novichok nerve agent. Continue reading

Sixteen people collared re. use of sarin gas in Syria says Boris

Boris Johnson makes a statement issued by the Foreign Office on sanctions against the people responsible for chemical weapons in Syria.  Boris has said it is our moral duty to keep Syria safe.

The success of 16 arrests shows the resolve of the UN in bringing the perpetrators to justice.  Progress at last, and this is definite and substantial evidence that should strike fear into the hearts of the evil hearted.

Chemical weapons – in defence of Sean Spicer

On Fox News this morning, it turns out that other interviewers have made the same statement as the one that got Sean Spicer into such trouble.  They said “Even the Nazis did not use chemical weapons” and in one sense this is completely right.

Chemical weapons are flammable.  What broadcasters meant to say was “Even the Nazis were not so reckless, sadistic and stupid as to use chemical weapons in warfare in an uncontrolled  environment.Continue reading

A review of Boris Johnson on The Last Leg: his wit played off perfectly against the humour of the hosts

Boris visits Lloyd's of LondonBoris Johnson guested last night on the sparky Channel 4 comedy show, The Last Leg.  The three quick witted hosts managed the difficult balancing act of being cheeky and amusingly irreverent towards the Mayor, while  avoiding the pitfall of being downright nasty and insulting, a test failed by most modern comedians. Potentially embarrassing questions such as whether Boris is actually Josh Widdicombe’s father and why was the Mayor wearing such a long tie were disposed of with style. Continue reading