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Too much time and energy wasted on Brussels negotiations, says Nigel Lawson

Nigel Lawson says he is not surprised Boris Johnson is frustrated. He is shocked at the negative approach of the Government to Brexit, and he completely understands why the Foreign Secretary finally spoke out.

The former chancellor said public finances would be boosted and regulations cut regardless of a trade deal – and Theresa May and Philip Hammond should have been highlighting the advantages of leaving the EU.

The Tory peer said: ‘It is bizarre that it has been left to a seemingly freelance operation by Boris Johnson, Foreign Secretary, to explain what these benefits are.  Continue reading

May savaging the saboteurs? or put to the sword by Brexiteers?

As a conversion, it is more astonishing than St. Paul on the road to Damascus!  PM May has suddenly become a clean Brexiteer!  This is the lady who dubbed anyone who wanted a clean break from the EU “crazy” and  a “fanatic!” This is the lady who admits she is a Remainer, who gave free rein to the Chancellor to slag off Brexit and whose husband Phil, a hedge fund manager, loves the EU almost more than life itself.It struck me as odd that when the PM announced the forthcoming election in Parliament, there was not a Brexiteer in sight. David Cameron, Blair, Cleggers, even the EU members were ecstatic at the news and announced glowingly that a huge mandate would “ensure the best deal for Britain” something they suddenly seemed awfully happy about. Continue reading

Money money uber alles says Hammond, but no prosperity from EU

Philip Hammond, the most unsuitable Chancellor for the times in living memory – we need a positive, visionary Chancellor to back Brexit – is still spouting the Remain argument.  Ordinary people didn’t  back Brexit to get any poorer,  jibes our smug spiv of a Chancellor.hammondhelmetNo Mr. Hammond, they did not.  But Remainers who insisted that that money was all that mattered and relied on Planet Fear lost. We didn’t vote in the EU Referendum to have our precious democratic rights ripped away either. Continue reading

Thanks to Osbo, the national debt is nearly 2 trillion

‘We act now to fix the roof when sun is shining. I’ll introduce new fiscal framework with permanent commitment to run surplus in normal times.’ George Osborne blithely tweeted this when he was still Chancellor last year.  Now the extent of his selfishness and incompetence is revealed.  osbocommons The UK national debt grows at a rate of £5,170 per second.

It totals £1,781, 601,972,500 at this second, but is zoinking upwards as I speak. Continue reading

Justice is done – Boris is Foreign Secretary

A thunderbolt has ripped the political scene asunder! The new Prime Minister, Theresa May, has stamped her kitten heels with a vengeance! Philip Hammond is Chancellor, three major Brexiteers are in key jobs and, WOW, Boris is Foreign Secretary!borisvictoryDavid Davis, long absent  from the front bench, is deservedly back as the Secretary for Brexit.  Liam Fox heads a new department for International Trade, and  brilliant, mercurial, ultra talented Boris Johnson, is back in the most glamorous job of all, Foreign Secretary. Continue reading

Ubermad George is losing it! Now he authorises UberPool

Maybe it’s because the scheming and bully boy business tactics of Uber strike an answering chord in our bully boy, scheming Chancellor. After all,  this is the man who threatened the Mayor of London that come May 2016, he would “smash him to smithereens”. Has George looked at London traffic recently?  Because against all common sense, and giving yet another underhand slap to black cab drivers, Osbo has authorised Uberpool.georgesneerIs Osbo insane?  On London Tonight, Nina Hossain kept repeating helplessly, But won’t this mean even more cars on the road? as the brightly smiling Uber PR man lied his way through the interview. Continue reading

Like tax credit cuts, Osbo’s attack on the black cab trade is an attack on the working man

The Tories won GE15 on the platform that the party would fight and protect the working man.  Nobody represents the dedicated working man more than the black cab trade.  The black cab trade started in 1643, it dates back to the days of Oliver Cromwell.  The strict regulations that govern the industry have made global travellers vote black cabs the best in the world.osbojavidHow appalling then that black cab drivers are being betrayed by the Chancellor and the Business Secretary, Sajid Javid, in favour of US Uber!  Traffic in London is gridlocked because of the interference of Osbo in the Uber situation.  He has ordered the Mayor and TfL to “lay off Uber”.  Anyone who can drive is given an Uber licence, including drivers who can hardly speak English who are terrible drivers. Sajid Javid’s argument that he is backing the consumer simply does not stand up to scrutiny. Continue reading