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Drought in Somalia so Boris makes a surprise visit

The situation in Somalia has reached crisis point, so Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has paid a surprise visit.   He arrived in the Somali capital Mogadishu today.  His visit to the East African Nation was an unannounced trip and it is the first time a higher profile UK minister has visited Somalia since the Somali Parliament elected Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo as president last month. Britain is appealing for aid for Somalia’s drought, which has been declared a national disaster amid warnings of a full-blown famine. Continue reading

On the back foot, the EU admits they are in terrible position

An Italian eurocrat ordered Boris Johnson that under no circumstances must we negotiate with the US regarding a deal until we have left.  Still trying to  rule the roost!  Who, in their right mind, ever made the absolutely terrible decision that we get involved with these bullying shysters in the first place? boriseuchiefUS President-elect Mr Trump’s remarks in a bombshell interview that he did not care if the entire EU collapsed and that he will prioritise relations with Britain over those with Brussels has really put the wind up EU chiefs.  The balance of power has shifted with a vengeance. The new Prez has cancelled TTIP.  He has also put tariffs on Volkwagens and says if the EU form an EU army, he will pull out of NATO. Continue reading

Boris Johnson addresses the Foreign Affairs Council today

Watch Boris address the FAC in Brussels today.  The President Elect, Donald Trump has made some pretty frank comments about Britain and Brexit.  He describes our move as “really really smart!”.  He has also excoriated Merkel’s immigration policy as the disaster it is!

Madam Merkel is not used to being countermanded.  So the EU are the ones on the back foot right now.

Britain has sent Boris Johnson to Geneva to support the Cypris peace talks

Britain has sent Boris Johnson to Geneva  to support the  Cyprus  peace talks, aimed at ending the decades-long division of the island, the Foreign Office said.borisfo17The strategically located island in the eastern Mediterranean, a former British colony, was split after a Turkish invasion in 1974 triggered by a brief Greek-inspired coup.   For the first time in more than a decade, Greek and Turkish Cypriots plan to submit maps to the United Nations detailing their proposals on territorial boundaries between constituent states in a two-zone federation. Continue reading

PE Trump and Paul Ryan show they know the meaning of loyalty

Brits are over the moon and touched to tears by the stalwart demonstration of loyalty from America.  Paul Ryan, and the Prez. Elect, want to show support for Britain, and are getting cracking on a trade deal. How sweet is that?trumpryanTo be honest, the treatment from Europe, has cut like a knife.  Throughout history, Britain has always been there for them. When Napoleon threatened the continent, Wellington saved Europe. Continue reading

Thirty furious countries attack EU for “punish UK” threat!

Thirty outraged countries laid into the EU for threatening to “punish Britain for leaving” by preventing them from trading with us.    Quite possibly,  the EU is out of order, because the threat is likely to be illegal anyway.  EU chiefs are now facing potential multi-billion pound lawsuits from countries who do not believe the EU can dictate to them in this way.hollande4This is just another example of Brussels’ petty bureaucracy and overwhelming EU interference, one of many.     Recently Juncker was threatening our free press.  They were told they were not allowed to report if the  perpetrators of terror attacks were Muslims.  Rightly, they were told to take a walk. Continue reading

Boris gives a speech in the sublime setting of Pontignano

Yesterday,  after the bilateral meeting with his Italian counterpart, Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni, in Florence, Boris Johnson travelled to Pontignano, in Siena.pontignano4He had been invited to open the 2016 edition of the Pontignano Conference, and gave a speech “Who Owns the Future?”, a huge pleasure, not least because of the sublime setting. Continue reading