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Hell is empty and all the devils are here! Pray for our country Brexiteers!

Crisis point  for Brexit as Boris Johnson calls a meeting of ministers.  Our democracy is hanging in the balance…..

Brexiteers!  Fight , fight with all your hearts and souls for the future of our country. Continue reading

As Salvini defends Britain and Brexit, we should use EU woes to form new entity

The EU facade of invincibility is palpably crumbling.  For years, it was only ever a facade anyway.  Now Matteo Salvini is leading the Italians in open rebellion, as his Five Star party that won the most votes in athe recent Italian election has given the EU “il dito”!

“Britain is a friendly country, declared Salvini, “with a long history of trade with Italy.  You made a free choice with Brexit and I very much hope that it will be possible to maintain completely open trade with the EU without any penalties,” he told The Telegraph. Continue reading

Warm hearted Matteo Salvini tells EU “Your attitude to Britain is sheer stupidity”

In a boost for Mrs. May, Matteo Salvini, biggest winnner in the Italian elections has blasted the EU negotiating attitude as “sheer stupidity”.  Mr. Salvini, leader of the Five Star party,  is known to absolutely love Brexit!

Salvini said: “You made a free choice with Brexit and I very much hope that it will be possible to maintain completely open trade with the EU without any penalties.” Continue reading

A majority now supports the state visit of Prez Donald Trump says YouGov.

After the excellent interview between Piers Morgan and Donald Trump, the latest You Gov poll shows that a majority now support a state visit by the US President.   In my opinion, the antagonism to the President was never half as bad as the media made out anyway.   It was fuelled by Remainers , furious that Brexiteers have such a powerful ally in their fight to be rid of the EU.   

The figures are now 45% to 39% in favour.  Remoaners have tried their hardest to disrupt the deeply held affection of President Trump for Britain, particularly Scotland.  Remoaner Theresa May has also been less than tactful, in silly attempts to “slap down” the President.  He has just brushed her aside like a pesky mosquito.   Continue reading

Groundhog day! Merkel ridicules May’s negotiating technique at Davos

Angela Merkel had a crowd of journalists helpless with laughter, reported Robert Peston as she ridiculed Theresa May’s ridiculous negotiating technique.  Since 2016, Merkel said, she has been trapped in an inane conversation with May, like a nightmare that will never end.

Merkel has been saying to May, OK what do you want?  And May then replies, Make me an offer.  Merkel then says But you are leaving.  We don’t have to make to make you an offer.  To which May replies:  Make me an offer! This has been going on since 2016.   Continue reading

Best Labour attack line is murdered by the Spectator

Boris is exonerated over the ad. on the battle bus. About ruddy time!

The Bruges group goes even further .  They say quite rightly, when calculating the amount of money we give the EU, it is only right to include what we have paid in bailouts,  So that works out at £660M a week.

The link above links to the report of the  Bruges group.

You Gov reveals NOBODY wants a United States of Europe, the project a flop

Extensive You Gov research reveals that the plan for a United States of Europe is a flop!  Nobody wants  it, not even the German people.  As schadenfreude overwhelms Martin Shultz, it is hard not to titter cattily.  Smug Remainers are getting their comeuppance.

Martin Schultz

YouGov asked: “Martin Schulz, head of the Social Democratic Party in Germany (SPD), spoke at the party conference about his vision to transform the EU into the United States of Europe by 2025 – with a common constitutional treaty.  Continue reading