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May savaging the saboteurs? or put to the sword by Brexiteers?

As a conversion, it is more astonishing than St. Paul on the road to Damascus!  PM May has suddenly become a clean Brexiteer!  This is the lady who dubbed anyone who wanted a clean break from the EU “crazy” and  a “fanatic!” This is the lady who admits she is a Remainer, who gave free rein to the Chancellor to slag off Brexit and whose husband Phil, a hedge fund manager, loves the EU almost more than life itself.It struck me as odd that when the PM announced the forthcoming election in Parliament, there was not a Brexiteer in sight. David Cameron, Blair, Cleggers, even the EU members were ecstatic at the news and announced glowingly that a huge mandate would “ensure the best deal for Britain” something they suddenly seemed awfully happy about. Continue reading

May’s unprincipled behavour is enabled by the MSM

There is only one person to blame for the dire state of Anglo/Russian relations and that is Theresa May.    The Russians have a right to be upset that PM May cancelled Boris Johnson’s trip to Moscow three times , then turned on him and screamed and abused him in the media.

Putin showed good will by giving Boris an open invititation to visit Moscow to discuss his 2016 pleace plan.  The invitation was an olive branch for peace. If Boris had been allowed to quietly go through the plan in depth with President Putin, who knows what would have transpired.  When May blocked the trip for the third time, the Russians, who unleashed their fury in the media, had every right to feel upset.  Boris certainly did. Continue reading

Body blow for Hammond as PM picks Bojo strategy for EU

For six months the battle has raged between the Boris Johnson strategy in dealing with the EU and Philip Hammond’s softer Remainian approach.  Boris’s brilliant plan has covered every ambiguity and has a fall back position, should things not go as planned.  So well calculated  is the strategy though, that it is impossible to find a flaw.boriseusummit2Superbrain Boris has covered all eventualities and Brexiteers were ecstatic at the positive and gracious tone of the speech, that cloaked an iron structure.  The Sun reported:  “His allies hailed key decisions to leave the single market, pull out of two thirds of the customs union and end “vast” EU budget payments as the arguments Boris has been making since the EU referendum campaign. Continue reading

Amber Rudd’s immigration plans are compared to Hitler’s Mein Kampf

It’s a question of tone, not only content.   Brexiteers, including Boris Johnson, Dan Hannan, Liam Fox and Fraser Nelson,  certainly believe in tough controls on immigration, but the May/Rudd interpretation is raising more than eyebrows.  Amber Rudd is raising huge concerns because she has taken the whole thing much too far. So far that LBC’s James O’Brien has compared her ideas to Hitler’s Mein Kampf. amberrudd3

Fraser Nelson’s article in the Telegraph today explained just where May and Rudd were going wrong.  Tough controls,  Yes.  Lists of foreigners, the naming and shaming of companies No.  This smacks of far too much government interference. Nobody wants people who are already here, working hard, to feel hounded or picked on. Continue reading

Boris Johnson’s video for Change Britain

Boris Johnson has joined a “hard Brexit” campaign called Change Britain, led by Gisela Stuart.

PM May is showing signs that she is falling under the influence of Remainer Phillip Hammond. We feared all along this would happen. Continue reading

Brexiteers tell Remain Learn the lesson or take another kicking!

The independent Joseph Rowntreee Foundation has reported that people who felt abandoned by the political establishment rose up in large numbers to free Britain from Brussels. The verdict to leave the EU had significantly higher support from voters “pushed to the margins of society.”europhilesLast month’s Brexit vote revealed deep divisions in British society.  A poll of over 2,000 people conducted by Populus for JRF has revealed that those who voted for Brexit feel left behind by economic growth and ignored by politicians. Continue reading

Justice is done – Boris is Foreign Secretary

A thunderbolt has ripped the political scene asunder! The new Prime Minister, Theresa May, has stamped her kitten heels with a vengeance! Philip Hammond is Chancellor, three major Brexiteers are in key jobs and, WOW, Boris is Foreign Secretary!borisvictoryDavid Davis, long absent  from the front bench, is deservedly back as the Secretary for Brexit.  Liam Fox heads a new department for International Trade, and  brilliant, mercurial, ultra talented Boris Johnson, is back in the most glamorous job of all, Foreign Secretary. Continue reading