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Why Brexiteers can’t easily get rid of May – not yet

There are those on twitter who don’t do enough research to realise that Boris Johnson, Jacob Rees-Mogg and the rest of the Brexiteers cannot just march up to No. 10 and coolly tell the inmates “Your time is up!”  They are therefore blasting Boris and Co. for inaction.

They can’t just tell her to go.  Nor is it enough to put in 48 letters of complaint, that is just the start of the process.  Journalist and writer Frederick Forsyth explains why Theresa May is the luckiest as well as the worst PM we have ever had.  Present circumstances mean right now it is very hard to get rid of her. Continue reading

Hell is empty and all the devils are here! Pray for our country Brexiteers!

Crisis point  for Brexit as Boris Johnson calls a meeting of ministers.  Our democracy is hanging in the balance…..

Brexiteers!  Fight , fight with all your hearts and souls for the future of our country. Continue reading

May has repeatedly broken her word to us, why should Dominic Grieve be any different?

Dominic Grieve showed a touching faith in Theresa May’s sincerity yesterday, when to win the vote on the EU Withdrawal Bill, he says she “gave her word” and gave him the right to a vote on the final deal with Brussels.

When she first became PM, May made these pledges to the people.  Brexit means Brexit.  We will see Brexit through and make a success of it.  And over and over again.  We will be leaving the single market and the customs union. Continue reading

As Moggie attacks CU hybrid, May still trying to bribe Williamson with billions

Even though there is another alternative, favoured by the Brexiteers,  Theresa May seems unnaturally fixated on a customs union hybrid.  A rose by any name would smell as sweet – a customs union partnership, agreement or union all reek of betrayal. However, Moggie fiercely challenged May’s plan as a sellout.

Devout Jacob, who religious beliefs are part of his life, said accepting a customs partnership means we are staying in the EU.     Guido Fawkes reported:  “On Peston Jacob Rees-Mogg clearly explained why the customs partnership would require adherence to single market rules to function. “We would not in effect be leaving the European Union”… “ Continue reading

Brave Brexiteers fight off customs partnership – May accepts defeat

Guido Fawkes reported today that the Olly Robbins plans for the fudged up customs union have been foiled, because Sajid Javid and Gavin Williamson have come down on the side of the Leavers. 

With these two, Boris, Gove, Fox and Davis had a majority.  Brexiteers breathed again, but too soon.  Now it seems from a tweet by Robert Peston, rattlesnake May immediately lashed out, revealing her true purpose.  Continue reading

Why is Anna Soubry getting away with murder?

There is huge concern from Brexiteers that a faction in the Tory party is undermining Brexit , while May just sits there and lets them do it.   Anna Soubry is by far the worst.  She is openly colluding with Labour, particularly Chuka Umunna, and the other Remainers in the Tory party,  such as Nicky Morgan, Dominic Grieve, and William Hague.

A full list of Tory rebels from Business Insider is given here.

While the other rebels keep their Remain beliefs within reason, Soubry does not.  Fanatical Anna has even demanded that true Brexiteers, who fight for freedom from EU control , which is what we voted for, should be kicked out of the party. Her overdeveloped ego and underdeveloped intellect are not a good combination.  Continue reading

Fury at May and Davis Brexit betrayal!

The Telegraph shouted:  May accused of Brexit climbdown as UK agrees to free movement in the transition period!   On twitter, Brexiteers screamed  NO.  NO  NO!

Breitbart reports:  David Davis — whose formerly tough pro-Brexit stance seems to have been worn down during his time negotiating in Brussels to a point where he greeted today’s news of another massive capitulation as good news — spoke next and dropped the fisheries bombshell, admitting that not only would Britain not take back control of its fisheries, but that the proportion of fish that UK fishermen are allowed to catch from their own waters under EU laws wouldn’t change through the transition. Continue reading