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Brexit cannot be stopped by MPs, says Brexit Minister Steve Baker

As David Davis dickers like a dodgy chandelier in a hurricane over May’s so called Brexit deal that is really no deal at all, there were encouraging words from Brexit Minister Steve Baker.

Brexit Minister Steve Baker (right), addresses the Lords Committee

Brexit cann0t be stopped by MPs.   Even if we get no deal at all, and Keir Starmer and Ken Clarke implode before our eyes like a couple of European fire bellied toads,  Brexit cannot be stopped!  Continue reading

YAY! Tories take poll lead over Jezza and Labour……

Surely this is the final nail  in the coffin of intellectually challenged Jeremy Corbyn? YouGov reports that the Tories now have a narrow lead over Labour. Jezza seem to have a lot of time on his hand lately, spending time at teenage gigs and appearing on lightweight TV shows.  But the strategy of getting down with the kids is one that seems to have been his undoing.

While heavyweights like Boris Johnson are making brilliant speeches from the Foreign Office, (Boris recently met the President of Iran, only the third Foreign Secretary to visit Iran since 2003 )  the Labour leader is appearing on shows like Gogglebox. Continue reading

Government forced into giving major concessions to Brexit rebels!

As reported in George Osborne’ s Standard today, Ministers gave a big concession to Brexit rebels over the use of so-called Henry VIII powers.

The Government accepted demands for a cross-party committee with power to prevent over-use of the archaic powers, which have been dubbed “rule by decree”. It follows a threatened revolt against the proposal to empower ministers to alter hundreds of laws without parliamentary approval as a way of coping with a stream of Brexit changes.   Continue reading

Boris Johnson attacks propaganda and fake news in defence of free speech in the Sun

In a passionate article in the Sun today, Boris Johnson attacks the evils of fake news and propaganda.  On twitter, Europhobes defend their lies about Brexit in the name of free speech, but attacking the democratic decision of the people of this country, is nothing to do with free speech.borismaynegs

It is free lies, a deliberate subversion of the truth.    Vested interests like Soros and Tony Blair are spending millions to try to overturn the decision of the EU Referendum for their own selfish purposes. They pay trolls to attack Brexit and leading Brexiteers, sometimes in the vilest possible way.  When Tony Blair was told that Brexit was the will of the people, his cynical reply was “The will of the people can be changed.” Continue reading

The EU propagandists – Piers Morgan, Chuka Umunna, Kevin Maguire and the MSM

The worst, most backstabbing traitors in British history include men like the Cambridge spies.  Kim Philby, Burgess and Maclean.  These men were selling our secrets to the Russians.  At least they had the excuse that they believed in the Russian system.  They undermined in secret.  Rather more blatant were the propaganda traitors who operated on the radio for the Nazis.

Face of a EU propagandist

Radio played a key role in the propaganda campaigns of Nazi Germany, as television does for us today.   The most notorious personality in this radio war was William Joyce, or ‘Lord Haw-Haw’ – who came to be known as the English voice of Nazi Germany. But he wasn’t alone in his treachery.  Continue reading

Shameless Richard Ratcliffe is still not telling the truth over Nazanin charges

In what looked like the beginning of a climbdown, after letting Boris Johnson be viciously dumped on for a week,  the Mail reported:   “Richard Ratcliffe revealed Iran had been looking at extending her {Nazanin’s) sentence before Mr. Johnson’s gaffe, telling ITV news:  “In fairness, there were hints of new charges before he made the comments.”

There is no fairness in Mr. Ratcliffe’s comments, in fact, they are an outright lie. Continue reading

Remainers and MSM prepared to sacrifice Nazanin to get rid of Boris Johnson

The new charges against Nazanin Ratcliffe were nothing to do with any comments made by Boris Johnson, said the Iranian Foreign Minister, and anyone who genuinely wanted Nazanin free would have left the matter there.  They would have rejoiced, as did Nazanin’s husband Richard, that Boris had achieved more publicity for the issue and a negotiation with the Iranians was in the offing.

But so desperate are Remainers and left wingers to get rid of Boris that supporting the Nazanin negotiation is the last thing they want.  It started with the attacks on Priti Patel, who had to resign.  By distorting the  comments of the Foreign Secretary, so innocent that nobody in the Foreign Affairs Select Committee challenged them at the time,  Brexit malcontents have now blown up the issue to one of unimaginable importance, because with Boris and Priti gone, two powerful  Brexit voices in government are silenced.   Continue reading