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Boris will resign before the weekend if May won’t accept his vision of Brexit

Breaking.  The Daily Express reported today that if May won’t accept Boris’s vision of Brexit, which is what we voted for, no EU control, Boris will resign by the weekend.

He told reporters in New York today he was not going to resign and said the Cabinet is a “nest of singing birds”.  Continue reading

Truly inspirational, brimful of hope, Boris explains Brexit

Anyone who reads Boris Johnson’s article in today’s Daily Telegraph can be in no doubt we have to leave the EU.  We are not and never have been in sympathy with the fundamental concept of the EU.  As a trade arrangement, yes, but the EU interference in our political structure has always been a huge step too far.

Boris explains in some depth exactly what has always gone wrong with our EU membership – our fundamental belief that we cannot accept the core belief of ever closer union and an EU superstate.  And reform has never been possible.  The response has only been “more and more Europe!”  as EU chiefs endlessly complain about the moaning and groaning of the British. Continue reading

Boris to the rescue! Full details of what is being done for hurricane victims

Boris Johnson has zipped over to Anguilla and the Virgin Islands to check out the scene for himself.  Our Foreign Secretary was shocked at what he found.  The hurricane has, said Boris,  left landscapes resembling a nuclear wasteland.   There is no denying he has his hands full.

Boris explains:  Many will be worried by the suffering of family and friends and the hardships that lie ahead. So I want to explain what the British Government is doing to help those in need – particularly in our Overseas Territories of Anguilla, the Turks and Caicos, and the British Virgin Islands – where the UK has a special duty to help.  Continue reading

Maggie’s man sticks up for Boris Johnson

Sturdy Boris Johnson is still the target of non-stop smear campaigns because Remoaners wrongly think bring down Boris and they bring down Brexit.  Fat chance!  They stand more chance of bringing down the Pyramids.

Now Sir Bernard Ingham, ex press secretary of the redoubtable Lady Thatcher speaks up for Boris.

Andrew Pierce reported in yesterday’s Mail :

Riding to the rescue of Boris Johnson — victim of an anti-Brexiteers hate-campaign — is Sir Bernard Ingham, Mrs Thatcher’s press secretary.  Continue reading

The Right Stuff. Boris visits British troops, in Estonia to deter the Russians

Boris Johnson enjoyed a ride in a British tank during a diplomatic trip to visit British troops in Estonia. Always hands on, the Foreign Secretary was spotted in an Army Challenger Tank accompanied by the British Troops involved with Nato in Tapa.

British troops are in Estonia as part of a major Nato mission in the Baltic states to deter Russian aggression.  Boris said the UK will remain committed to Nordic and Baltic defence and security after Brexit as he prepared to host a summit with his counterparts from the region. Continue reading

The Beijing connection! Boris’s plan to solve the N. Korean crisis

In Parliament yesterday, Boris emphasised how strongly the entire UN, as well as the US, want a peaceful diplomatic solution to the current crisis with N. Korea. He made short shrift of the Trump bashing from the likes of Labour’s Emily Thornberry and Green Caroline Lucas, and categorically rejected attempts to criticise the US approach.  The Boris strategy to solve the crisis is to deepen the bond with Beijing. 

Remainers want to see us helpless in the clutches of the EU.  President Trump’s outstanding victory in the Presidential elections and his stalwart support for the will of the British people was met with fury by everyone who wants to foil Brexit. Continue reading

Remainers think bring down Boris and they bring down Brexit

The silly anti Boris Johnson smear campaigns are making up in quantity what they lack in quality.  Abusive trolls with hardly any follower,  nutso lefties and Osbo flunkeys paid to do a smear job are more of a motley crew than an attack to be reckoned with.

There is so much evidence that Boris is doing a brilliant job that refuting the guff is easy, but even when shown up as liars, the technique is to spout drivel, whether it is true or not.  I have yet to find proof of one lie told by Leave, so the fact that Chuka sinks so low as to still bang on about the bus ad. proves how desperately short of ammo Remainers are.  Continue reading