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Con Home Leadership poll – Boris still no. 1, with a double figure lead

In the latest Con Home poll for the Tory leadership, Boris Johnson is still well in the lead, so much so, he has a  double figure lead over his nearest rival, Sajid Javid.  Well done Boris.  No-one in the party has fought harder for the rights of voters,  and he richly deserves this result.

Jacob Rees_Mogg deserves his fourth place, in fact, in view of the fighting effort he has put in on behalf of voters, I think he should be above Hunt.  Continue reading

Hammond forced to back down over Boris slur, Ruth Davidson joins OperationStopBoris

In his desperate attack on Boris Johnson, (apparently No. 10 is carrying out an Operation Stop Boris)  Philip Hammond forced to issue a retraction. No wonder nothing ever gets done in the May Gov.

Boris Johnson is hugely feared, hence the organised campaign to stop him and the rigged conference.  No. 10 has has to bus in loads of Remoaners and May constituents to ensure even a semblance of popularity for Appeaser Theresa.

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Peerless! Boris describes the car crash that May has made of Brexit

Nobody could put this better than Boris!  It’s all pretty sick making isn’t it. When she took over, a journalist said May would be like a mother.  Mother’s ruin!

Chances of Nazanin release decline because Boris has left FO

Boris Johnson was making real progress in the case of Nazanin Ratcliffe says LibDem MP Layla Moran on BBC Sunday Politics.  As Foreign Secretary, Boris generated a tremendous amount of energy and in spite of reports to the contrary, he was making headway with the Iran Government that Nazanin be freed, as well the other dual nationals in jail. 

That momentum with the advent of Jeremy Hunt, has now been lost.  Jeremy Hunt is new to the job, but in any case does not have the energy and high profile of Boris Johnson. Everyone hopes that all European dual nationals will be released soon, because Nazanin is not the only sufferer.  She is only  one of 32 DNs  who has been slapped with a huge jail sentence.

Boris receives the prestigious Irving Kristol Award at black tie event in Washington

Boris was at a black tie dinner yesterday in Washington, as the latest recipient of the prestigious Irving Kristol Award.  

The Irving Kristol Award is the highest honor conferred by the American Enterprise Institute. AEI gives the award annually to an individual who has made exceptional intellectual and practical contributions to improve government policy, social welfare, or political understanding. Continue reading

Boris made London no. 1 in the world, he can do the same for Britain

In today’s Daily Telegraph, Boris Johnson shows he knows what to do to put our economy straight.  It was Boris who, when George Osborne had reduced the economy to the verge of double dip recession.  It was also Boris who dragged London from the verge of recession and made us no. 1 city in the world.

BORIS BEGINS:  It takes an awful lot to put me off a jumbo infrastructure project. We have been hopelessly slow in equipping this country with the basic stuff that we all need to live our lives. We need better roads; we need a proper 24-hour hub airport – without disturbing vast numbers of people – of a kind that most of our competitors are now constructing. We need more clean power stations, and we should be getting on immediately with Crossrail Two, once Sadiq Khan has finished dickering around with Crossrail. Continue reading

Maggie’s man, Sir Bernard Ingham backs Boris for PM

Lady Thatcher aide Sir Bernard Ingham, has spoken out that Boris Johnson has got what it takes to be our next PM.

Andrew Pierce reports in today’s Daily Mail:    “He may look shambolic, but Boris Johnson has what it takes to be the next Tory leader, says Sir Bernard Ingham, who was Margaret Thatcher’s press secretary.  Continue reading