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Brilliant Boris speech, and we are stuck with a clutz like Theresa May

Brilliant, positive, optimistic speech from Boris in Staffordshire today at JCB , telling May how to sort out the Brexit impasse.  She won’t of course.  I’m starting to wonder if May ever wanted a good deal for Britain, or if it’s just that she is totally incapable. 

Fizzy speech brimful of ideas, optimism and vision.  So many brilliant negotiators in the Tory party, Boris, Jacob, John Redwood, Owen Paterson, and we are stuck with a clutz like Theresa May!  Tragedy for Britain!

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Boris trounces rivals in ConHome poll, double points of nearest rival Javid

As in the last Con Home poll, Boris Johnson is ahead of the pack, with more than twice the points of his nearest rival, Sajid Javid

Con Home says:   It’s much the same story in our final Next Tory Leader survey of 2018.  Boris Johnson is top with more than double the score of the man who stays second – Sajid Javid.  The Home Secretary continues narrowly to fend off Dominic Raab, who stays third. Continue reading

Judgement on Boris burqa comment a great definition of free speech

Boris was exonerated over his burqa comment and twitter is aflame with righteous indignation that he was criticised at all.  The summing up of a previous case provides a brilliant definition of free speech. 

Boris quoted Lord Justice Sedley, who summed up in 1999 as follows:  Continue reading

As Boris cleared over burqa joke, huge anger on twitter he was investigated.

There is fury on twitter right now that Boris Johnson was investigated for an article in which he was defending the rights of Muslim women to wear the  burqa, in which he made the mildest of jokes.  He has been cleared by a QC on the grounds that what he said was free speech.  

The fury is white hot because May herself lied to Parliament over the Brexit legal advice, deceived her Cabinet, and left AG Geoffrey Cox to carry the can!  Nothing is being done about this.  On the contrary, Andrea Leadsom demanded we see Theresa May as a role model!  We don’t. Continue reading

Boris “heartbroken” at the future May is planning for us

Marr was out for blood on his show today,trying to “get” Boris, but it didn’t work.  Oddschecker showed that Boris has jumped to the top of the Tory contenders to be next Prime Minister.  

Many of his comments were downright inspirational, and attempts to talk through him or make rude remarks just reflected badly on the interviewer. Continue reading

People need gumption and leadership, says Boris in ConHome interview

In a wide ranging interview with ConHome, Boris Johnson covers a variety of subjects.  He has heard nothing further about his “burka” remark. He said the Cabinet was misled about the backstop.  No. 10 has an S and M approach to government, says Boris.  And much more,   

Earlier, Boris Johnson talked to Laura Kuessenberg in St. James’s Park,  It’s clear that May’s appalling government is hanging by a thread. Continue reading

The country is tired of hearing we can’t do it, says Boris

Theresa May was so incensed by the truth of Boris’s speech in Parliament, she walked out. The negativity of May’s negotiating strategy has made her the laughing stock of Europe.  Merkel publicly ridiculed her, but when Boris honestly says we should have more pride in Britain, and expect more,  she just can’t take it.

The trouble is, May is no negotiator.  She has no negotiating experience, and her grovelling, ingratiating strategy has  brought out the worst in the EU Chiefs, who have eaten her for breakfast.  They have given her nothing and taken huge advantage.