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In the Telegraph, Boris lays into May over the scandal of the housing market

In his latest Telegraph column,  Boris Johnson warns property developers are operating an “oligopoly” by land-banking and building poor quality homes because they know first-time buyers are just grateful to get a foot on the ladder. Once again, Boris lays into the toxic disaster that is the May government.  He begins:

“I am a mild-mannered man. It takes a lot to get my goat. But when an Uxbridge constituent showed me around his new family home, I thought I was about to blow a gasket.

It was a potentially lovely home, in what should be a fantastic development, and he had not only laid out his entire savings but had also taken out a huge mortgage.  Continue reading

Gulliver unchained! Free wheeling Boris serves tea to reporters but won’t discuss burqagate

A relaxed and genial Boris Johnson brought tea to waiting itv reporters, as they camped outside his house on his return from holiday.

Hair in his trademark blonde tousled mop, he seems to have shed years, since he quit the toxic May government.  The stifling claustrophobia created by a PM who was so insecure, she micromanaged and undermined her ministers,  didn’t suit brilliant, free wheeling Boris, who unlike May knows how to bring the best out of a team.  Continue reading

Boris has every right to say burkas look silly but it cuts both ways

Wicked and untruthful though the interviewers on Good Morning Britain arestirring up false reporting I frequently cannot stop myself from laughing uncontrollably at their stupidity.  Never, ever has the programme been shown up as dafter than today! 

Having spent two hours busily trashing Boris Johnson and calling him a racist because in the Daily Telegraph, he said the burka looks ridiculous, and reminds him of a letter box,  the dumbo programme producers then kindly proved his point!  The lady they wheeled on in a burka did look ridiculous to Western eyes – just as our dress code clearly looks silly to her!  Continue reading

Boris tops ConHome and Betfair polls to be next PM!

As well as zooming to the top of the Con Home poll, significantly Boris Johnson has also shot to the top of the Betfair polling.  The pro bookie betting is a very accurate indication of who will be next PM, and Betfair is the most reliable.

With Betfair, Boris is now 21/5.   His nearest rival is Sajid Javid at 33/5, followed  by Jacob Rees-Mogg at 34/5.  Lagging behind is double dealing Michael Gove.  His odds have plummeted to 39/5 after his disastrous betrayal of Brexit, when he plugged the May sellout deal to his local association.  He had to fight off accusations that it was a betrayal of Brexit.  Continue reading

Three quarters of voters think May is the pits

It’s hardly surprising is it?  Every pledge that Theresa May made is over Brexit has been broken.  Her cynical exploitation of the responsibility she has been given, her vicious treatment of Brexiteers and the way she has trampled on the democratic rights of the people of this country, have made her utterly despised.

A whopping 62% has no confidence in the PM.   72% have no belief at all that she will get a good deal.   Continue reading

Boris launches another blistering attack on May’s “polished turd”

The Express reported today Dominic Raab is on the ropes as Barnier demands UK must respect  EU principles.  In other words, we have to respect that the EU controls our money laws and borders.  AND we give them 39 billion.  That is some negotiator Theresa May is turning 0ut to be. 

In another blistering attack on Theresa May in the Spectator, Boris ripped into the travesty that is May’s Chequers deal.  Details of his speech are discussed on the Breitbart link below Continue reading

This time, Boris really is our last chance to save Brexit

OK, it’s not looking good!  David Davis was faked out.  Most politicians  wouldn’t have fallen for the double bluff of Olly Robbins,  let alone, May’s horrendously awkward flirting,  (read Fallout by Tim Shipman)  but DD clearly doesn’t get out much these days.  Now after 15 days, Dominic Raab, his replacement , is the second Brexiteer to be chopped off at the kneecaps.

Dominic has been reduced to the status of bag carrier, and he’s the front man May and Robbins are using to selling Remoaner Brexit.  How embarrassing is that?   The door marked EU negotiations has been slammed in his face.  Fight back Dominic!  Tell the Remainers to do their own dirty work!  You are a Brexiteer!  Bollock Olly Robbins so his dimples turn inside out FGS!  Continue reading