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Let’s do it! Macron’s excited response to Boris suggestion of an Anglo/French bridge

French President Macron is hugely enthusiastic about the idea from Boris Johnson to build a bridge linking across the Channel.  Boris told his aides it is absolutely ridiculous that the only link between our countries is one railway link! When Boris floated the idea at the summit, an excited French Prez said immediately “Let’s do it!”

Boris was obviously a huge hit with the French, charming them with his fluent accentless French and no doubt, knowledge of French literature and the French mediaeval poets.  As Mayor, every time he went to France, he was mobbed.  Continue reading

Best Labour attack line is murdered by the Spectator

Boris is exonerated over the ad. on the battle bus. About ruddy time!

We are facing the battle of our lives, says Boris. Get ready!

In the Sun today, friends of Boris Johnson have expressed his deep concerns that the establishment are planning to force May into a deal that is so bad, it will not be worth leaving.

May is reliant on the Remainers in the Cabinet for survival.   Davi Davis is a weak and  unreliable Brexiteer, who at one time, tried to form an alliance with Hammond. In the Sunday Times yesterday, Tim Shipman reported that May is on notice she will face a leadership challenge if she tries to fight another election. For some reason she seems intent on doing just that.  Continue reading

Brexit – Boris gains ground in Cabinet battle over EU red tape

Boris Johnson is justifiably encouraged at the progress he is making in the battle to restrict EU red tape in Cabinet.   Our Foreign Secretary is believed to be part of a group of senior ministers pushing to cut Brussels red tape whilst others such as Chancellor Philip Hammond seek to avoid taking steps which may limit access to the EU single market.

Speaking during a visit to Moscow,  Boris said: “I think that the argument is gaining ground that it would be madness to leave the EU without taking back control of our regulatory freedoms.”   Continue reading

Straight talking Boris levels with the Russians and it’s a bit of a culture shock

Boris was in Moscow today and his straight talking left the Russians reeling.  It was the first meeting for five years between a British Foreign Secretary and his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, on Russian soil. 

Boris believes it is important not to shy away from the difficult situations we are involved in with the Russians.  He tackled the thorny subject of Russian interference in Western politics head on,  and he made the point, there was no successful interference in any of our elections. He also brought up the question of the Ukraine.  Continue reading

Brexit showdown on 19th December between May and Boris

The tension must have reached breaking point as May and Boris prepare for a face off over Brexit on 19th December.  There is hysteria on twitter, as outraged Brexit voters overreact suspecting a May stitchup. 

Because Boris is in government, he is bound by collective responsibility, so cannot let off steam in the media.  But the only fighting that counts is the hard fighting in the government, and even though outnumbered by May, Hammond, Rudd and Davis, a wishy washy major disappointment,  Boris’s battle has been unrelenting in protecting what we voted for.   Continue reading

Boris clobbers lefties who blame terrorism on US and UK foreign policy

Boris Johnson made an oustanding speech on terror from the Foreign Office today, in which he walloped the likes of Corbyn and Sadiq Khan for blaming US and UK foreign policy.

He compared the spread of extremism to crack cocaine as he insisted the threat of terrorism can and will be defeated.  And in a thinly veiled attack on Labour’s pacifist leader Jeremy Corbyn he hit out at those who ‘bash the West’ and blame our military interventions for the spread of terror. Continue reading