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Determined Boris acts in a flash to try to save Iran deal

Boris Johnson moved with lightning speed on Tuesday evening to save the Iran deal.  He rushed from Parliament, made his plane with seconds to spare and met with European leaders and the Iran Foreign Minister to try to save the accord.

The Foreign Secretary said European leaders would thrash out a last-minute “package of measures” to ensure Tehran doesn’t ditch the accord. Continue reading

After Boris’s lethal attack, May forced to drop customs partnership

May has finally admitted the loathed “customs partnership” will not go ahead  after Boris Johnson publicly dubbed them “crazy”. Daring the PM to sack him, Boris’s patience seems to be running out.

Challenged in Parliament that he was breaking collective responsibility, Boris retorted wittily “I am completely in conformity with Government policy on the matter, since that policy has yet to be decided,’  to laughter from the Labour benches. Continue reading

Boris’s expulsion of Russian spies crippled the entire Moscow network

A fascinating article by Frederick Forsyth in the Daily Express, proves that Boris’s strategy of effecting the world wide expulsion of Russian diplomats, known to be spies has crippled Moscow’s espionage network.

Behind the scenes, so Forsyth has been told, secret services right across Europe would be devastated if EU negotiator Barnier fails to realise in his arrogance that any diminution of our contribution to the EU-wide intelligence capacity would be regarded as an unmitigated disaster. We tend to prevent the British people knowing how good our own services really are and how they are respected by our friends and allies. Continue reading

The deceit of suicide Theresa

Anger over Theresa May’s “private plans” is about to implode as Boris and Brexiteers suspect the worst.  With her usual duplicity, May pledged in late February that she would take on the rebels over the customs union by challenging them “Back me or sack me!”

May has fended off those fears by issuing a statement that we will be leaving the single market and the customs union. Continue reading

Boris says on Marr, Assad wants to impose “a Carthaginian peace” on Syria

Boris Johnson was praised for his clarity in this interview on the Andrew Marr show, in which he talked about the successful US/UK/FR  air. strike in Douma.

The strike was to take out three chemical weapon sites, not to engage in the conflict in Syria or to replace Assad.  Boris says it was a preposterous and deranged suggestion from Jeremy Corbyn that the UK was involved in the poison attacks. Continue reading

Boris’s comments on OPCW report as crisis in Syria escalates

Boris Johnson has made a statement on the analysis by the OPCW (Org. for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons) of the poison that was used to try to kill the Skripals.   The full report of the the OPCW is also below.  The horrific result of the use of chemical weapons in Syria is a warning if no action were taken when there are further incidents here.

Boris has had experience of the use of chemical warfare in Syria, since he became Foreign Secretary.  He states that Assad has used chemical weapons four times since 2014. The displacement of 700.000 Syrians is a major crisis since early 2018.  Continue reading

Boris could have been a bouncer: he never takes a backward step

Forget about the rumours that PM May is scheming to keep us in the customs union.   She can try – but she will have to go through Boris Johnson first.  

Could Theresa May get away with a customs union climb down? asks the Times.  Not as long as Boris is in the Brexit team she won’t. Continue reading