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Cynics sneer “Politicians are all the same” but we have seen the bravest and the best

Politicians generally get a pretty harsh press. The popular opinion is  “They are the same!” and anyone who argues differently is greeted with cynical laughter. Recent events, like the EU Referendum and the Westminster terrorist attack have proved how wrong this is.

Many of the politicians who fought for Brexit took a huge risk.  Boris Johnson took the  biggest gamble of his life to fight for the rights of ordinary people, so much so that his father believed he had ruined his career. Continue reading

The moment that Boris Johnson heard about the terror attack

The picture says everything.  For a few seconds, Boris Johnson’s emotions overwhelm him as he is told the details of the Westminster terror attack.  He is in Washington right now, attending vital discussions with Trump top aides, including Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner.Part of the reason for the Foreign Secretary’s visit is to share ideas to defeat Daesh and other terrorist groups. He was just about to take the centre spot in the group photo of world leaders, when an aide broke the news. Continue reading

Hero MP, Tobias Ellwood, who works closely with Boris Johnson battled to save life of PC

Brave Tobias Ellwood, who works closely with Boris Johnson in the Foreign Offoce, battled to save the life of a policeman in the Westminster terror attack today. Police were telling visitors to run away, but Mr. Ellwood ran to the wounded cop.  A terrorist had attacked a policeman with a knife and Mr. Ellwood gave him mouth to mouth resuscitation and tried to staunch his wounds until help arrived. Mr. Ellwood is the MP for Bournemouth East, and is a Tory party politician and ex-soldier. He served in the Royal Green jackets as a captain and is now a minister in the Foreign Office, frequently appearing in Parliament with Boris Johnson.  Boris is in the US in Washington right now. Continue reading

Independent thinking Boris will meet the President in Washington this week

Boris Johnson is travelling to Washington on Tuesday for a series of high level meetings when he will meet with some of President Trump’s closest aides, and likely the President.   Boris is emerging as a key channel for the Americans in recent weeks, reports Tim Shipman in the Sunday Times. His constructive relationship with Jared Kushner ensured that British people are exempt from the President’s attempted ban on some predominantly Muslim countries. Boris will meet with his opposite number, Rex Tillerson, and talk with US intelligence chiefs, soothing the recent hiccup over spy rumours.  He will meet with senior Congressional Republic readers , and is likely to meet the President. Continue reading

Boris Johnson visits Kenya on his successful East Africa tour

Kenya’s Foreign Ministry said that Boris Johnson’s visit is because the UK is the largest European foreign investor in Kenya, the largest source market for Kenya’s tourism and the third most important export destination.” Kenya mainly exports tea, coffee and horticultural products to the UK.Our Foreign Secretary will hold bilateral talks with his host Ambassador Amina Mohamed, on “critical matters of mutual interests,” Kenya’s Foreign Affairs Ministry reported.  His visit comes as private ranches in Laikipia, most owned by Britons, continue to be raided by illegal herders.  Continue reading

In Boris Johnson’s interview from Uganda, he went down a storm

An interview with Boris Johnson in Uganda makes up in charm and animation from Boris what it lacks in the sound track. Continue reading

Drought in Somalia so Boris makes a surprise visit

The situation in Somalia has reached crisis point, so Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has paid a surprise visit.   He arrived in the Somali capital Mogadishu today.  His visit to the East African Nation was an unannounced trip and it is the first time a higher profile UK minister has visited Somalia since the Somali Parliament elected Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo as president last month. Britain is appealing for aid for Somalia’s drought, which has been declared a national disaster amid warnings of a full-blown famine. Continue reading