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Boris Brexit NHS boost! His Cabinet battle is another win

In a timely and terrific boost for Brexit, a deal is imminent that would mean almost immediate pay increases for NHS workers across the board. The deal is for a stonking 4 billion, payable over 3 years, reported the BBC.

The BBC said:  “More than a million NHS staff, including nurses, porters and paramedics, can expect pay increases of at least 6.5% over three years, the BBC understands. Continue reading

Brilliant! BOJO PODCAST ON BREXIT: We’re gonna need a bigger bus!

One day Brexit will be sorted and we won’t need to worry about it, says Boris. Preparation for no deal still continues said Boris, and it is still an option.

Listen as melliflous phrases fall from his lordly, hardly moving lips.

We have a song to sing, and we need to sell the vision of the Mansion House speech.  But have you a choir says Charles Moore, the interviewer, but Boris said “I’d like to teach the world to sing…….” Continue reading

Video of Boris Johnson speaking in Commons on Russian poisonings.

You Tube of Boris Johnson speakin the House on the attempted poisoning of Sergei Skripol and his daughter.

A Cobra meeting is being called today to discuss the attacks.  Both remain in critical condition.  The feeling in the Commons says Michael Crick is that Britain has been too soft towards the Russians for far too long, because there have been other suspicious deaths.

To read the words of Boris Johnson in full on our issues with Russia,  the link is below.  Channel 4 says “the feeling now seems to be Get tough with Putin!”

please click the link here. 

It could affect World Cup if Russia found to have committed murder, says Boris

It’s too early to speculate, said Boris Johnson in Parliament today as to the precise nature of the crime that has taken place in Salisbury.   But if suspicions are proved right, we will take whatever action is necessary to protect the lives of the people in this country, our values and our freedoms, whatever the cost. 

A fired up Foreign Secretary made it plain we were taking no nonsense from the Russians and should it be proved they are responsible for attempted murder,  there would be a robust response whatever the consequences.  Continue reading

May is the Wicked Queen to Boris Johnson’s Snow White

That’s rich!  ” Theresa May ‘orders squabbling ministers to Chequers away day’ to put an end to Brexit war”,  screamed the Daily Mirror headline.  For the PM to describe the vital concerns of Brexiteers over the most important issue for this country for centuries as “squabbling”  is just an insult. The reason for the  “away day” was because the PM seemed to be veering towards a customs union.It was the same today.   One of the headlines in the Sunday Times today in an article by Tim Shipman read “Theresa May’s chief of staff Gavin Barwell ‘tried to kneecap Boris Johnson’”  A private letter from Boris to very few people was leaked to Sky News.    Tim makes it plain that for the villain, we need look no further than No. 10, although Boris tactfully denied this.    Continue reading

Trustee’s letter blasts Sadiq Khan over Garden Bridge

When Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson atttended the OC Committee investigation today, he made it plain that it was Sadiq Khan who is responsible for the failure of the Garden Bridge project.  

A scathing letter from the Trustees blasted Sadiq Khan for withdrawing his support from the Garden Bridge project. The letter added:  At the same time, there are a number of inaccurate statements – made both in your 28 April letter and in subsequent interviews given to the media – that we cannot allow to go unanswered and which I now address here. Continue reading

Things so tough at Chequers re. Brexit last week, Boris nearly quit

At one stage it looked so bad for Brexit last week, rep0rts The Sun, Boris Johnson thought the only thing he could do was make a principled stand and quit!  A row with Greg Clark, who  warned that there were hundreds of thousands of jobs at risk if Britain diverged too much from EU rules in the automotive sector, was a sticking point for Boris.

He argues Britain must have the freedom to go it alone and break free, being more innovative and striking new trade deals after we’re officially out.  But it was tough.  Things got so bad at one stage, Boris nearly walked.   Continue reading