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Why Gove, Leadsom, Raab and Fox have blown their careers

The EU must have thought that all their Christmases had come at once when they saw the May Chequers White paper.  They will be so encouraged by May’s pathetic weakness, they will be expecting still more presents, as a Tory councillor told me and will no doubt kick her around a bit more to achieve total subjugation.

Explosive legal advise from top QC Martin Howe proves that May’s deal is a total betrayal of Brexit and would be an catastrophe for Britain, leaving us hogtied to the EU and far far worse off than before.  Continue reading

Bombshell speech from Boris Johnson reveals re free trade deal May hasn’t even tried!

In a resignation  speech that was moving in its sincerity, Boris Johnson made a passionate plea for Brexit.  There were no harsh words aimed at the PM.  Just a denunciation in the simplest most honest of terms that all the bright opportunity of Brexit is being squandered.

The Telegraph reported:  “The ex Foreign Secretary said that the Government has spent the past 18 months in “a fog of self-doubt” having “dithered” and “burned through negotiating capital”. Continue reading

May’s argument was economy first, but Hammond has sold out the City!

Boris Johnson and Charles Moore are right.  The purpose of the Referendum was to leave the EU.  We need to do that now and sort out the red tape later.  Then we can keep the 39 billion divorce payment.

But what Theresa May is doing, backed by unelected Olly Robbins and Remain, undermines democracy.   405 constituencies voted Leave out of 650, landslide.  But MPs are mostly for Remain.  The politicians also are undermining democracy.   Continue reading

Alastair Campbell boo boos saying Boris lied in his resignation speech!

Another boo boo from poor old Ali C,  things not going too well for the stumbling spinmeister!  Guido Fawkes explains in detail that Channel 4 FactCheck also boo booed when they accused the Peoples’ Champion of a monster fib.

FactCheck gets Boris details WRONG was the heading of Guido’s article. Guido said:  Punchy stuff from Channel 4’s FactCheck, who have accused Boris Johnson of lying in his resignation letter about EU safety regulations. Would be pretty embarrassing if Factcheck got it wrong…   Continue reading

Breaking! No Brexiteer resigned because it’s not over yet

A gloating Theresa May was prowling like a mangy jackal feasting over what she believes are the carcasses of her Brexiteer Cabinet Ministers.  Vain hope Theresa!  Even ever hopeful Vince Cable admits your “deal” is a hopeless fudge, not worth the paper it is written on!

The EU has already stamped it “DOA” insists the Independent, dead on arrival, and likely to be binned as soon as it hits the buffers.  Continue reading

Hell is empty and all the devils are here! Pray for our country Brexiteers!

Crisis point  for Brexit as Boris Johnson calls a meeting of ministers.  Our democracy is hanging in the balance…..

Brexiteers!  Fight , fight with all your hearts and souls for the future of our country. Continue reading

Only Boris is still fighting as Olly Robbins rubs out the Brexit red lines

In an excoriating, deeply worrying article, Guido Fawkes asks,  As Remoaner shill Olly Robbins rubs out the vital red lines, where are the Brexiteers? As Guido points out, only Boris Johnson is single handedly still fighting for our rights. 

Boris came out fighting with a brilliant, stirring speech for the full British Brexit we voted for and he derided the soft, never ending bog roll that other politicians seem unable to criticise strongly enough.  He has never held back in reminding  PM Theresa May of her obligations to this country over Brexit.   Continue reading