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Boris Johnson makes fun of Blair, the man with the CV from hell

Boris makes fun of disgraced politician Tony Blair, above.    As Foreign Secretary, Boris is still clearing up the mess left by the Bush/Blair war in Iraq.   Blair allegedly lied to Parliament over WMD and killed a generation of Muslims, men, women and children. Continue reading

Boris and Trump stuffed the Establishment so now the elite wants round two

When Brexit actually won,  Remoaners were apoplectic with fury!  They simply couldn’t believe that they, the elite,  had been stuffed by a raggle taggle army.  Lynton Crosby told us we were badly organised and he was right.  What we had was huge passion and a burning determination we would not be beaten. Five months later, Remain still can’t handle it.borisfingerDonald Trump has been sticking two fingers up at the establishment. For the first time the EU understands we no longer give a stuff about the old order.  Continue reading

Leavers! Listen up! Planet Fear play dirty to get second Ref!

Say what you like about Alastair Campbell, he’s got some freaking nerve, and I’ll give him that.    Blair, Major, Mandelson, Cam, Ali C and Osbo are pissed! They lost, but Alastair is throwing everything he has  to win this in one last desperate throw of the dice. alastaircampbellThe people won the EU Referendum and it’s safe to say the establishment are doing their nuts.   Because in spite of Planet Fear, lies, smears, bullying and bribery,  the stubbon British people voted LEAVE and gave the elite a huge smack in the kisser. Continue reading

Marxist admirer Jeremy Corbyn will be no pushover

Intriguing article by Boris Johnson today in the Sun! “Corbyn gets top Marx for caring” says Bojo.  Boris points out that Corbyn is not actually the loony he is painted.  In retrospect, many of his ideas now look prescient.

Lenin, Staling and Trotsky

Lenin, Stalin and Trotsky

Bojo points out:  “Yes, he was one of the early campaigners against apartheid. Quite right, too — these days Mandela is regarded as a kind of modern saint.

Yes, he was in favour of bringing the IRA to the negotiating table, a view treated as semi-treacherous at the time. Continue reading

Tim Donovan is such a dishonest interviewer, he makes David Dimbleby look like Ed R Murrow

At one time, BBC Question Time was the most rigged, distorted Lefty promo on BBC tv.  chaired by David Dimbleby.   No longer.  The crown for distortion has passed to Tim Donovan and his London section on the BBC Sunday Politics show.

Journalist Ed R Murrow

Journalist Ed R Murrow

David Dimbleby does make a decent shot at pretending to be impartial, in spite of the obviously rigged audience, all primed with leading questions, baying for Tory or UKIP blood. Tim Donovan doesn’t even pretend.

Nobody minds if an interviewer criticises the Mayor, that is their job.  Boris Johnson is capable of seeing off the toughest interviewer, as are his aides.  The problem is the way Donovan distorts the facts. Continue reading


It is a relief to know, when reading Boris Johnson’s article in the Daily Telegraph this morning, that other British Premiers have used the veto in the past.  If you read  all the anger and vitriol in the Sunday papers, from Nick Clegg, other Lib Dems and from Merkozy and the rest of Europe, you could be pardoned for thinking it had never happened before.

But Boris says:  “I know some people are unsettled to see all these powerful Europeans getting so very, very cross. Angela Merkel has said that we weren’t even negotiating properly. Nicolas Sarkozy can hardly bring himself to mention Britain by name and has been filmed apparently refusing to shake David Cameron’s hand. Across the Continent, the papers are full of wrathful headlines about the general arrogance and stupidity of the Englanders/Anglais/Inglesi. I watched some poor Lib Dem Euro MP who seemed about to explode with disgust at the UK’s handling of the recent summit. Continue reading

Boris says Libya is a noble cause but the risks are huge

In his Daily Telegraph article today, Boris has summed up what most of us are thinking. It is wrong to stand idly by as a megalomaniac dictator slaughters the innocent, but intervention is fraught with risk.  We have been here before and here we are again.

Boris says: “So here we go again. The Tomahawks are streaming across the night skies. RAF jets are once again piling in behind the Americans and the bodies of yet more Arab soldiers are lying beside their shattered air defence systems. The best we can say of this venture is that it is the lesser of two evils – or so it seems at the moment. Continue reading