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Rein in Uber! Sadiq Khan skewered by furious Assembly members

For once every single member of the London Assembly is united against the Mayor of London over maverick, rule breaking Uber.  The Uber licence is up for renewal in September, and if Sadiq Khan is fool enough to renew the licence, he will be ripped to pieces by his own Assembly members. 

Sadiq’s big mouth bragging has finally come back to haunt him.  This is the man who vowed when he was running for Mayor that if Uber trangressed only once, he would pull their licence!   There are so many reasons to pull Uber off the road, critics have lost count, but instead, a year after becoming Mayor, Khan renewed the Uber licence.  Continue reading

The Madness of King George

Osbo has accepted the job of Editor of the London Standard, but his editor role has not been approved by the advisory committee on business appointments (Acoba).  So  indignant are his constituents and others,  a petition on site 38 degrees gathered momentum over Saturday with over 100,000 signatures.The organisers of the petition wrote on the page: ‘It’s not appropriate for someone to be a member of the government and also control a huge amount of the media.” Continue reading

Sleazy Riders! The Mail rats out Cameron and Osbo over Uber

The cat is out of the bag!  The Mail revealed today after a flat denial last year, a second freedom of information request has resulted in TfL revealing that Boris Johnson was indeed leant on by Osbo and his henchmen to to lay off Uber.  There was apparently a huge disagreement between No. 10 and Mayor Boris Johnson’s office., because the Mayor wanted fairness and observance of the rules and Osbo and Cameron wanted Uber let off everything scot free.Boris scheduled endless meetings with Osbo insisting minicabs must be capped.   He got nowhere. The argument between the Chancellor and the Mayor became so heated, it eventually became clear to Osbo the Mayor did not intend to give in, particularly as Boris kept applying for legislation to cap minicabs, which Osbo continually refused. Continue reading

The legal challenges pile up for May

 Remainer Theresa May has been dithering and wallying around re. Brexit for the last 4 months.     What has the PM achieved, except to let in a legal challenge by Gina Miller, that was successful in the High Court! mayindiajpgThe judges who ruled in the High Court were all rabid Remainers.  So are the judges being hand picked for the appeal in the Supreme Court. Continue reading

Jam packed! Traffic chaos, but STILL Sadiq Khan won’t cap minicabs!

Every road in London is choked with minicabs, but still TfL are issuing minicab licences at a rate of 700 a month!  What is Sadiq Khan thinking?  Why does he not keep pushing  for the legislation that will allow him to impose a cap?sadiquberAs long as George Osborne was in government, no Mayor had a hope in hell of getting the legislation to cap minicabs.   Sadiq Khan lobbied the government while George was Chancellor, but he must have known the answer would be a big fat NO.  A black cab driver who is a member of the LTDA, told me Sadiq lobbied for the legislation, but was refused, when George was still Chancellor. Continue reading

It’s classic Osbo behaviour to dump on IDS – he tried to do it to Boris Johnson

I do not know the ins and outs of what was a Treasury initiative in the actions IDS has taken and what was not. But his explanation does ring true, because making others carry the can for unpleasant policies conceived by the Treasury is classic Osbo behaviour.daveosboAccording to IDS, he wanted a consultation first, reports The Spectator, but the Treasury presented ESA cuts as a fait accompli.

Osbo clashed with Boris over Uber, a multinational adored by George. Rachel Whetstone, head of Uber PR, is the wife of Steve Hilton, David  Cameron’s ex-spin doctor.  Uber fares are ostensibly cheap, but  their drivers pay 25% to Uber, out of a meagre wage that is less than the minimum wage.  That cheap fare is not cheap, it is bolstered up with tax credits. Continue reading

Uber plans for World Domination hit the skids!

Uber’s ruthless quest for world domination seems to be coming unstuck!  Travis Kalanick is stunned to find  things aren’t working out quite as he planned. Who are these upstarts?

The Uber boss is under fire for lousy business practice and running a slave empire.  Black cab drivers are mounting such a spirited rearguard action, it is stopping the Uber juggernaut in its tracks.

Update:  A London Assembly vote has given cross party support to the statement that London needs a decent taxi service in black cabs..  TfL is now under fire because interpretation of the regs. has been changed.  Let’s hope something positive comes out of the vote.