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Boris is fighting Brexit from within the Cabinet, to protect his party

When Boris was Mayor of London, the battles for the rights of Londoners, the black cab trade,  police numbers,  funding and economic decisions,  were always full bloodedly thrashed out in private,  away from the media.

So discreet was Boris, at one stage, he was getting it from both sides. Black cab drivers were abusing him on the roads as he rode his bike, while Osbo and Cameron were ganging up to force him to favour Uber, and push black cabs off the road. An immovable Boris wouldn’t shift.  He didn’t think it was right, so in the end, Osbo took the issue of Uber away from Boris and handled it himself. Continue reading

EU out to kill democracy, and Remain and the PM are all for it

Does the PM even realise the irony of what he is saying?  In the House of Commons today, he praised the virtues of democracy, suggesting that the demonstration of democracy is a weapon in reducing terrorism. davebully EU law now supercedes British law, a development furiously deplored by Boris Johnson. The ability of the British people to call our law makers to account is gone, and the PM is all for it.   He is even undemocratically lining up authority figures such as the US Prez to tell us what to vote. Continue reading

Osborne credibility shot to hell after what he is doing to the black cab trade

When Osbo today started talking about “caring about the future of our children” and supporting small businesses,  he will understand why the public reaction was cynical laughter. .  Osbo has such  a love of multinationals and is so enamoured of his buddy, Uber boss Travis Kalanick, he is deliberately trying to kill the black cab trade.osbobudgetHis unscrupulous strategy is to flood London with hundred and hundreds minicabs, thereby causing such awful pollution, hundreds of thousands of children get chest illnesses from  the filthy air. He is also letting the cabs off safety regulations The aim is to force black cabs off the road. Continue reading

PM and Osbo know that letting Uber avoid safety checks means more rapes, but do nothing

If anyone is in two minds about whether Osbo (and also the PM ) have any care for the people of this country, they should pause and consider what is happening to the black cab trade. daveosboA black cab driver asked me recently: ” We have served London since the sixteenth century. What possible reason can Osbo and the PM have for selling us out in favour of a US multinational,  that pays no tax?” Continue reading

Crisis at the Treasury! PM must rein Osbo in to concentrate on the day job

In the Daily Mail today,  Peter Oborne writes that George Osborne is overreaching.   He has taken on far too many jobs.georgejugglingOborne says: “The first point to make is that Mr Osborne has always been a part-time Chancellor. He is often not at the Treasury, because he is, in effect, the Government’s chief strategist and party manager as well as being Chancellor. It’s he who decides on promotions and sackings. Continue reading

Too lazy to do the research, 7 Tory Boy councillors could wreck the black cab trade

Seven Tory Boy councillors have come up with the appalling idea of dumbing down the black cab trade, while leaving Uber alone.  This is an idea that is an insult to the public, because not only will it deprive Londoners of the best drivers in London, who provide much needed knowledge of the city, it insults the public by totalling ignoring public safety.toryboys

Tory Boy Councillors

Tory Boy Councillors

In a great article,  Taxileak said “These seven Tory Boy Councillors think London’s Gold Standard, Iconic Taxi Trade should be reduced to licensing drivers with dubious pasts, drive vehicles not suitable for disabled passengers, have no expensive hire and reward insurgence, do away with the Knowledge of London and pay themselves through foreign banks, so they don’t have to pay tax and can claim benefits”.  More importantly, these councillors are blind to the importance of regs. for customer safety. Continue reading

Like tax credit cuts, Osbo’s attack on the black cab trade is an attack on the working man

The Tories won GE15 on the platform that the party would fight and protect the working man.  Nobody represents the dedicated working man more than the black cab trade.  The black cab trade started in 1643, it dates back to the days of Oliver Cromwell.  The strict regulations that govern the industry have made global travellers vote black cabs the best in the world.osbojavidHow appalling then that black cab drivers are being betrayed by the Chancellor and the Business Secretary, Sajid Javid, in favour of US Uber!  Traffic in London is gridlocked because of the interference of Osbo in the Uber situation.  He has ordered the Mayor and TfL to “lay off Uber”.  Anyone who can drive is given an Uber licence, including drivers who can hardly speak English who are terrible drivers. Sajid Javid’s argument that he is backing the consumer simply does not stand up to scrutiny. Continue reading