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In his strongest speech yet, Boris says Assad is an arch terrorist

Boris Johnson’s view on how to achieve peace in Syria has never wavered and his latest speech is stronger than ever.  He has held this view since 2016, and below,  in the Sunday Telegraph today, he explains exactly he believes this is the way forward.

Boris begins:   “It is in some ways bizarre that Bashar al-Assad should be so reckless. It seems mystifying that he should now raise the stakes by so blatantly murdering so many of his own people with chemical weapons. Indeed, there is a sense in which it would frankly be more convenient for the outside world to pretend that it did not happen.  Continue reading

Boris is the most brilliant learned Foreign Secretary since Lord Curzon says journo

Political journalist Peter Oborne has called Boris Johnson the most learned, well read Foreign Secretary since Lord Curzon.  In the face of  opposition from his rivals, Boris has performed outstandingly well on a day to day basis. Oborne,  who has known and worked with Boris for years had this to say.borisstately“…….. Mr Johnson is rated highly by his officials. They are impressed by the speed at which he masters a brief. They vastly prefer him to his dull, cautious, unimaginative predecessor, Philip Hammond. Continue reading

There are only 3 doctors left to care for the children in Aleppo

Euronews reports that in Aleppo,  casualties are dramatically rising.  Since the conflict started, over 4 years ago,  95% of doctors have either been detained, fled or been killed.  Aid agencies are desperate, trying to get medical help from other countries.borissyriabombingChildren are being operated on without anaesthetic.  Airstrikes by forces loyal to the Bashar al-Assad targeted the two largest hospitals in besieged eastern Aleppo. The hospitals, which serve a quarter of a million civilians, were put out of service after the attacks which doctors described as catastrophic. Continue reading