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The main obstacle to Brexit is politicians think they know better than us

The majority in the EU referendum was well over a million votes, but more significantly,  408 seats voted Leave.  That means only 242 seats want Remain, a landslide for Brexit.   The figures below are the figures before May reduced her majority  by calling the 2017 GE.  

In the Tory party,  172 politicians were for Remain. 126 were for Leave  Continue reading

Heathrow vote is May’s elephant trap for Boris Johnson

The timing reveals all.  Suddenly May has revived the spectre of a third runway at Heathrow,  which she previously opposed, but there is method in her madness. 

Boris Johnson passionately opposed the notion of a third Heathrow runway and fought it off when Cameron and Osbo raised the issue,  practically single handed. Continue reading

Enough now! Remoaners are not entitled to any sort of deal over Brexit

The truth is that in trying to undermine Brexit,  Remainers such as Anna Soubry and Dominic Grieve do not have a leg to stand on.  Parliament voted 544 to 53 to hold the referendum and later by 498 to 144 to notify the EU of our intention to leave. 

If that was not enough parliamentary involvement, 85 per cent of the electorate voted for parties committed to leaving the EU this year’s election. The electorate’s and Parliament’s clear will is to leave the EU. Continue reading

Why is Anna Soubry getting away with murder?

There is huge concern from Brexiteers that a faction in the Tory party is undermining Brexit , while May just sits there and lets them do it.   Anna Soubry is by far the worst.  She is openly colluding with Labour, particularly Chuka Umunna, and the other Remainers in the Tory party,  such as Nicky Morgan, Dominic Grieve, and William Hague.

A full list of Tory rebels from Business Insider is given here.

While the other rebels keep their Remain beliefs within reason, Soubry does not.  Fanatical Anna has even demanded that true Brexiteers, who fight for freedom from EU control , which is what we voted for, should be kicked out of the party. Her overdeveloped ego and underdeveloped intellect are not a good combination.  Continue reading

Divergence won at Chequers, but a customs war is looming……

Brexiteers claimed victory after “divergence won” during an eight-hour session at Chequers to agree the form of Brexit the Government wants to achieve, reported the Daily Telegraph yeterday.

The Leavers in the Cabinet are completely outnumbered,   and yet they managed to prevail.  We should be proud.  Boris led the fight to ensure we get what we voted for:   control of our monies, laws and borders, and freedom from all EU control.  Continue reading

BREAKING! May tries to push endless transition period through without Cabinet approval

The visit of EU fanatic Olly Robbins to discuss matters with EU chiefs was a red flag.  In an exclusive in today’s Telegraph, it is reported that May is trying to push an endless transition period for Brexit onto the country without Cabinet approval.This is betrayal at its contemptible worst.  An open ended transition period? Absolutely not!  This is not and completely unacceptable from Appeaser Theresa.  It is against every pledge she has made to this country. Continue reading

Truth about Boris Johnson’s comment on Libya

Boris Johnson wrote an article in the Daily Telegraph, warning against the danger of war with Libya.