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The Italian election gives the EU another huge headache

The Italian vote has thrilled Brexiteers.  The insurgent Five Star Movement finished as the country’s biggest party by far, and the anti-immigration La Lega as the strongest force on the right.  This raises questions not just about Italy’s capacity to pursue domestic reforms, but also its inclination to play any part in planned closer EU and eurozone integration.

Mattteo Salvini

Sky News was ominously silent on the entire subjext this morning! As one headache subsided, the EU was suddenly in the grip of a migraine. Continue reading

Angela Merkel reports on Brexit negotiations

Brave German women launch protest group because of migrant sex attacks

A protest group called 120db has been launched by German women in protest against the sex attacks, assaults and terror attacks that are being caused by migrants in Germany.  In spite of the terrible consequences, Angela Merkel refuses to drop the EU policy of free movement.

German women say violence is so prevalent, they are living in fear.  A German friend of mine said women daren’t go out jogging unless they carry pepper spray, and wear padlocks on their jogging gear. They have released a video in protest, and use the hashtag #120db.  Continue reading

Groundhog day! Merkel ridicules May’s negotiating technique at Davos

Angela Merkel had a crowd of journalists helpless with laughter, reported Robert Peston as she ridiculed Theresa May’s ridiculous negotiating technique.  Since 2016, Merkel said, she has been trapped in an inane conversation with May, like a nightmare that will never end.

Merkel has been saying to May, OK what do you want?  And May then replies, Make me an offer.  Merkel then says But you are leaving.  We don’t have to make to make you an offer.  To which May replies:  Make me an offer! This has been going on since 2016.   Continue reading

Boris Johnson lionised as he gives the Lowy Lecture in Sydney

It is an honour for Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson to be asked to deliver the Lowy Lecture in Sydney.  He follows such famous names as Angela Merkel,  General David Petraeus, one time head of the CIA, Rupert Murdoch and Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

Stephen Lowy joked he had a “lovely Russian fella fix my laptop”, and he was given a tip on the US election.  Continue reading

Independent thinking Boris will meet the President in Washington this week

Boris Johnson is travelling to Washington on Tuesday for a series of high level meetings when he will meet with some of President Trump’s closest aides, and likely the President.   Boris is emerging as a key channel for the Americans in recent weeks, reports Tim Shipman in the Sunday Times. His constructive relationship with Jared Kushner ensured that British people are exempt from the President’s attempted ban on some predominantly Muslim countries. Boris will meet with his opposite number, Rex Tillerson, and talk with US intelligence chiefs, soothing the recent hiccup over spy rumours.  He will meet with senior Congressional Republic readers , and is likely to meet the President. Continue reading

Hysterical Hollywood is on a witch hunt again

On Sunday night, hysterical Hollywood is all set to give its most nauseous performance ever,  at the Oscars 2017,  once again tearing their new Prez to pieces.   They have condemned Trump in a body, and nobody else dares open their mouths.  jodiefosterMeryl Streep started it, with a rabble rousing performance that had nothing to do with fact.   She said Donald Trump intended to evict all foreigners, “including Canadian Ryan Gosling!”, a blatant lie.  Later,  reliving her role in Sophie’s Choice, she complained she had been attacked for her views “by a load of brownshirts”. Continue reading