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Big revival of Boris’s popularity in polls and he is voted biggest Brexiteer by Tories

For once Isabel Oakeshott got it wrong on the Marr show today, there has been a big revival in the popularity of Boris Johnson. He is topping every poll right now to be next PM and Tory leader, should May ever decide she has had enough.

He was also voted biggest Brexiteer by Tory party members in YouGov. Continue reading

Politicians are elected to serve the people – NOT the other way around

Whatever her failings, PM May knows how to smother issues by inaction.   Her talent, illustrated by her behaviour during the child abuse enquiry, when she was told to do it, is kicking awkward issues into the long grass.   Abandoning his decades long opposition to the EU, Corbo now is now coming out for soft Brexit, and a possible 4 year transition period. The fate of Brexit is in the balance.  

Boris Johnson is the only senior figure in government opposing this policy.  David Davis, Rudd, Damien Green, are all falling into line with Hammond, who has never ever accepted Brexit.   Corbo, bullied by Kier Starmer,  is allying himself with hated figures like Tony Blair, Hezza, Major, and establishment figures like the Governor of the Bank of England, the Civil Service and the BBC. Their aim is to keep us in the EU.  Continue reading

“Intellectually brilliant” Boris Johnson joins new “supertight” Brexit team

When Boris Johnson first became Foreign Secretary, the media jumped on him, trying to make the most of anything they saw as a “gaffe”.  That has now ended. Boris is a workaholic and a lightning quick study. He has been described as the most learned, gifted Foreign Secretary since Lord Curzon by journalist Peter Oborne. Continue reading

Sex trade operating while teenage boys raped in Calais jungle

After the rape of a female journalist at knife point by three migrants in the Calais jungle, more details of abuse surface, this time of teenage boys.  Aid workers report that teenage boys are being raped so badly, some require surgery.calaismigrantsAid workers have reported that as well as rapes, a sex trade is operating in the camp, with children as young as 13 asking for condoms.

Three UK bound Afghans were responsible for the gang rape and police are still seeking the men responsible. Not one child from most vulnerable group brought to England! Continue reading

Brexit hate crime hysteria is a cynical Remainers lie

Brendan O’Neil of Spiked has confirmed, as I wrote on 11th September 2016, what Dan Hannan reported on the hate crime figures. The police log reports of hate crime, but when tested, these figures of actual crime don’t show a rise.  But Remainers continue to accuse Brexit of every type of hate crime, including homophobia. borisgayadBrendan says:  Has there ever been a crime panic as flimsy, as see-through, as explicitly designed to make political mileage as the post-Brexit hate-crime hysteria? Too many people are nodding along to this nonsense, accepting as hard fact every doom-tinged utterance from the police and evidence-lite statement from the Home Office. Continue reading

Amber Rudd’s immigration plans are compared to Hitler’s Mein Kampf

It’s a question of tone, not only content.   Brexiteers, including Boris Johnson, Dan Hannan, Liam Fox and Fraser Nelson,  certainly believe in tough controls on immigration, but the May/Rudd interpretation is raising more than eyebrows.  Amber Rudd is raising huge concerns because she has taken the whole thing much too far. So far that LBC’s James O’Brien has compared her ideas to Hitler’s Mein Kampf. amberrudd3

Fraser Nelson’s article in the Telegraph today explained just where May and Rudd were going wrong.  Tough controls,  Yes.  Lists of foreigners, the naming and shaming of companies No.  This smacks of far too much government interference. Nobody wants people who are already here, working hard, to feel hounded or picked on. Continue reading

If Remain crash markets to discredit Brexit, they could stage hate crimes

The Polish Foreign Minister,  Witold Waszczykowski,  met his opposite number, Boris Johnson with Amber Rudd, the new Home Secretary at the Polish embassy last week,  to discuss more protection for Polish people because of a recent spate of hate crimes on Polish people.borispoland6The Polish Foreign Minister said they did not intend to accuse, all they wanted to establish was the facts.   This is a good attitude, because there has been an irresponsible tendency from the Remain press to try their hardest to dump the blame on Leavers and Brexit. Continue reading