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In his strongest speech yet, Boris says Assad is an arch terrorist

Boris Johnson’s view on how to achieve peace in Syria has never wavered and his latest speech is stronger than ever.  He has held this view since 2016, and below,  in the Sunday Telegraph today, he explains exactly he believes this is the way forward.

Boris begins:   “It is in some ways bizarre that Bashar al-Assad should be so reckless. It seems mystifying that he should now raise the stakes by so blatantly murdering so many of his own people with chemical weapons. Indeed, there is a sense in which it would frankly be more convenient for the outside world to pretend that it did not happen.  Continue reading

Now the Russians accuse superbrain Boris of starting a Cold War

The Russians accused genial Boris Johnson today of starting a Cold War!  Rather a hysterical overreaction to Boris’s successful New York visit.  Straight talking Boris is a uniter, not a divider, but he was appalled at the Russians’ treatment of children in Aleppo and their support of Assad, a ruler who uses nerve gas on his own people. He would not have shirked  passing on his views.putinmoscowThe penchant of the Russians for mental chess games has also not escaped our astute Foreign Secretary.   Clearly they are concerned he is onto their manoeuvres, can play better than they can and has warned the President Elect all about them. The Sun reported:  The Foreign Secretary, who visited Mr Trump’s transition team earlier this week, had previously said Russia was “up to all sorts of very dirty tricks” such as cyber warfare. Continue reading

Our Foreign Secretary’s Christmas message for 2016

Boris Johnson’s Christmas message this year is hopeful, but also realistic.  We cannot ignore the suffering of Aleppo  and Yemen, said our Foreign Secretary. ( I personally think we also mustn’t forget the attacks on women all over Europe.)

But there are many hopeful and joyous signs for 2017. Boris encourages us to count our blessings and have hope for the future, a positive but also realistic message. Our brilliant police force and counter terrorism officers are the best in the world, just one reason to be cheerful. Continue reading

Boris Johnson’s statement today on Aleppo

RECENT EVENTS:   Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson outlined the tragic events in Aleppo over the past few months.  The last UN convoy entered Eastern Allepo on 7th July. The last food rations were handed out on 10th November.  The last functioning hospital was blown to bits on 19th November.borisiraq275,000 men, women and children are therefore trapped in E. Aleppo without food, medical care, water, or electricity.  They are being bombarded from the air with barrel bombs by Syrian helicopters, it is a hell we cannot possibly imagine. The Foreign Sec. then gave a graphic description of barrel bombs.

The rebel forces began to collapse on 26th November, and hundreds of young soldiers have been marched off to an unknown fate. Continue reading

What is behind the constant attacks on Boris Johnson from No. 10?

Interestingly, 95% of twitter is on Boris Johnson’s side over his remarks on Saudi Arabia.  Boris spoke out in Rome last week and it is hard not to believe that Theresa May picked her time, when she publicly tried to torpedo Boris yesterday, a day before he left for Saudi Arabia on an important visit.  borisdroll11If she didn’t wish to upset the Saudis, surely it would have been better to sort things out in private?

Many of May’s attacks on Boris have been unprovoked, unpleasant personal insults, with Philip Hammond. One of May’s pleasantries was to compare Boris to a dog that might be put down. Continue reading

After spouting fake news, Sky finds a new way to demean itself

borismurnaghan2Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson is dealing with Aleppo, Yemen, Syria, Brexit and the EU, amongst other serious situations.  He has been praised by journalists and the Foreign Office for the speed at which he grasps his briefs,  his energy, his vision and his optimistic outlook.    How sad then what happened in  an interview with Sky’s Murnaghan.

Ignoring the vital and fascinating issues that Boris is dealing with, Mr. Murnaghan decided to use part of the interview for a pub quiz.  Maintaining his good humour, Boris walked out. Continue reading

The emergency debate in the Commons on Aleppo

There was an emergency debate held in the House of Commons today on Aleppo, with Foreign Office Minister Tobias Ellwood answering questions.syriaaleppoMr. Ellwood began with a statement on the latest developments in  Aleppo, the latest being that Assad’s forces have been making inroads into Eastern Aleppo, where not one hospital is left standing. Continue reading