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With Toby Young, Labour might have won a battle but they are badly losing the war

Dominic Lawson wrote a significant article yesterday in which he said twitter is turning people into attention seeking children.  He also criticised the lies and abuse on twitter, that are “dumbing the whole world down.”

It seems that the Labour strategy of endless abuse, lies and non stop smear campaigns aimed at leading Tory figures is not working.   Alastair Campbell should know.  His name and notoriety are based on his success in inventing smear campaigns and  spin.  Continue reading

Constant attacks on Boris Johnson are making his rivals look desperate

An excellent article by Peter Oborne discusses the vicious plot going on right now to get rid of Boris Johnson and many of the plotters are in the Tory party.  But unless you are on twitter all the time like me, you wouldn’t know that the Get Boris campaigns have been going on for yonks, even before Brexit.

Here are some of the rivals who have been trying to take down Boris,  one or two of them since before Theresa May became PM. They are waxing ever more desperate as they fail to achieve their goal. Continue reading

If you fight with monsters, you become a monster. Why Boris ignores the lies

As the charismatic leader of Brexit, Boris Johnson became the target of some of the most vicious smear campaigns in history.  Alastair Campbell announced that the strategy was to take him out,  so they went for it.  The best,  I mean the lowest,  political jackals were raked in to destroy Boris in print.  After every hatchet job,  he was declared to be “finished”.  borisintelligentA leading member of Cameron’s government proudly announced to Dan Hodges, after Boris had given him the strategy to revive the UK economy, that he was going to “Knife Boris.  Then he would be smashed to smithereens.” Continue reading

Sadiq Khan’s team strategy was to tar Zac Goldsmith as a racist

Anyone who believes that Zac and his aides ran a dirty, rascist campaign is wrong.  It is clear to me that Zac is not a racist, and tackled the situation in the way he did, because he wanted Sadiq Khan to play fair and face the scrutiny expected of any Mayoral  candidate.zachitDuring this bizarre campaign, we need to focus on two facts,which on the face of it, seem inexplicable.

a) Why did Sadiq Khan consistently refuse to explain any of the incidents concerning extremism that naturally worried Zac’s aides, in a way that would reassure Zac’s team and voters? Continue reading

The disintegration of New Labour means Labour no longer represent the majority says Boris

In this week’s Daily Telegraph,  Boris Johnson analyses the Corbyn phenomenon.  He begins:

“It begins with a look of slow and wondering amazement – as if he hardly dares believe his luck; and then the certainty builds, millisecond by millisecond. Then the eyebrows go up even higher, and the mouth gapes and the eyes pop and the epiglottis vibrates as he lets out a long, whooping yell of sheer incredulous ecstasy.jeremycorbynThat is how police chief Brody reacts in the last reel of Jaws when, by some fluke, he manages to shoot a bullet right into the oxygen tank in the mouth of the shark, and the ravening fish improbably explodes. That is frankly how we in the Tory party feel as we watch what is happening in the Labour movement today.
If these polls are right (and that is a pretty big if these days) then we are at that preliminary stage in Roy Scheider’s masterful portrait of the joyful police chief. We aren’t yet whooping, but our eyebrows are twitching north in incredulity. We are filled with disbelief that this can really be taking place, a distrust of the evidence of our senses. Continue reading

Why I’m betting that Ed Miliband is Alastair Campbell’s sock puppet

A blog in Labour List said that Alastair Campbell is back, according to the Daily MailThe Mail cited a Labour insider in their article insisting that Ali C was prepping Ed Miliband for the leadership debates, but Ed  is being coy, for fear that the move could  backfire.edalicMay I come clean and admit that if there is one thing that really makes me laugh in this election, it’s cheeking Ali C.  Maybe it’s because his ego isn’t exactly tiny, as his bombastic tweets show. Continue reading

The latest article by Yasmin Alibhai-Brown is just silly

In the past, I have defended Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, because just as Katy Hopkins presents a ludicrous extremist right wing view to be controversial, Yasmin has every right to do the same for Muslims. The article she has just written in the Independent though is plain stupid and as full of holes as a cheese grater.borisanddave9The article in the Independent The nasty party just got nastier, is so daft it is just a laugh.  Yasmin thinks it is disgusting that the students who  approached Jon Cruddas at the Fabian Society and asked him his opinion of the Labour leadership were actually Tory researchers.  Surely the important thing is the dreadful view he has of the Labour leadership?  He shouldn’t have been such as dickhead as to confide such incendiary statements to people he didn’t know either, first rule of politics.   Why didn’t he ask them for ID? Continue reading