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May proved to have cancelled Boris Johnson Russian trip three times

It was a huge step forward for peace that Prez. Putin was keen to discus the Foreign Secretary’s 2016 Syrian peace plan,  and he  generously offered Boris an open invitation to visit Moscow.   Tragically, in an  attempt to undermine Boris, May blocked the trip three times.

Boris was then accused of ducking his meeting with the Russians. The G7 inititative was an afterthought to retrieve the situation, but Remoaner members of course, didn’t go for it.

The abusive articles in yesterday’s papers were unprecedented, with Adam Boulton,  a SKY Remoaner and Simon Walters of the Remoaner Mail on Sunday sinking to the sleaziest depths in jeers and name calling. Continue reading

May outclassed by Boris so descends to undermining

Several articles in the Mail on Sunday and in the Sunday Times, including one by the normally accurate Adam Boulton, omit such fundamental. facts that they can only be regarded as stitch up/hatchet jobs.

The facts  ignored are these.  When Boris Johnson met various US top aides of Donald Trump, he was described as “brilliant” by one of these aides and his meetings were exceptionally successful. The independent thinking of our Foreign Secretay was well received. Continue reading

Corbynite agenda: provoke strikes not to resolve the issue but to attack the Gov

In a brilliant interview on SKY news, Adam Boulton revealed what every voter should know.  The Corbynite agenda is to use strikes to attack the Government, as Boris Johnson said.   The aim is to  demonise the Tories as hard hearted, with no intention of resolving the dispute.Watch Adam Boulton video herecorbyn .The Labour Partyhas declared it is policy to back every strike, regardless of merit.  The present strike of the junior doctors is a case in point.  Doctors who have taken the Hippocratic oath are being used as pawns by the BMA, who are carrying out the Corbynite agenda.  Continue reading

Adam Boulton interview proves Boris Johnson is right about the junior doctors strike

Adam Boulton’s interview clearly showed that Boris Johnson was completely right in his  article on the junior  doctors’ strike.  Please listen to what Adam says at the end of the interview about members of the BMA, who spoke of a Corbyn agenda.

Boris Johnson’s article in the Daily Telegraph is here.

The Sun published a video of a man challenging a demo of junior doctors.  He yells at them Don’t let the unions fool you!

Boris winningly explains to Adam Boulton the vacuum joke was a protest against EU interference

After the Tory Party Conference, SKY’s Adam Boulton asked Boris if he really thinks that Kippers have sex with vacuum cleaners.borisvacuumThe Mayor  winningly  explained that it was a joke!  But it was also part of a serious and complicated metaphor, because the EU are interfering in our rights over vacuum cleaners.  Boris is actually defending the rights of UKIP  and that cannot be stressed too strongly.  On twitter, UKIP supporters were apoplectic!  Considering how furious Kippers get at EU interference, they should be supporting this remark of Boris’s instead of getting madder than wet hens. Continue reading

The Exorcist. Damian McBride expels past demons but Labour still possessed by theirs

Sensation!  Mild mannered, good natured Iain Dale in a brawl! How could this happen?  Iain is the publisher of the electrifying revelations of ex-spindoctor Damian McBride, Power Trip, and he sportingly rugby tackled a protester who was trying to sabotage a McBride interview.  And there are rumours of highly damaging e-mails to Derek Draper.drapermcbrideThis is the level of passion that has been ignited by McBride’s confessions.  The impression gleaned from Mr. McBride in his interview on Newsnight with Paxo last night was one of overwhelming truthfulness.  He didn’t spare himself, so Paxo’s attack was muted.

Tessa Jowell’s excuse that “The Leader” (Ed Miliband) knew nothing of McBride’s scheming because he was “away at the time”, is a common excuse with single mothers when the dad has done a runner.   Damian McBride says he worked with Ed Miliband for 8 years, and was close friends with him for four. Boris Johnson confirms this in his article in the Daily Telegraph this week.

Ed Balls said to the BBC “I didn’t complain about McBride because until we saw the revelations in his book, we didn’t know what was going on.  I didn’t know that McBride was doing personal briefings against ministers.”  This was derided by the Daily Mail (who is doing the serialisation) as the most disingenuous statement in political history.

Ed Miliband was a capo in the court of King Brown, said Adam Boulton in the Sunday Times. And Ed unquestionably backed Red Ken’s toxic campaign in the last mayoral election.  SKY Breaking News: Gordon Brown refuses to answer a journalist pushing him to discuss the revelatons.   As I type, on SKY, Damian McBride says  ” I did hugely wrong.” For the sake of the Labour Party, let’s hope that the exorcism of Damian McBride is the only exorcism necessary.

Apoplectic hawks screaming Britain is no longer great should accept only a fool backs an ill thought out enterprise

In today’s Times, the cool heads of the military experts say that it was the right thing not to back the US air strike.  It’s wise to pick your battles.  All the indications are that President Obama has never been clear what the mission is.custer

Fraser Nelson said in the Daily Telegraph:  “Mr Cameron lost due to the simple weakness of his case, which he had not spent enough time preparing. Are we seriously telling Assad that it’s quite all right to wage a war that kills 100,000 Syrians if he kindly does so with shrapnel? Will a missile strike speed the end of the civil war? Where is the evidence that Britain, America or anyone else can prevent the use of chemical weapons in Syria again?  Mr. Cameron lost because he didn’t have any answers.” Continue reading