If you go, we go! Epic the only word to describe our fire fighters yesterday, fires down 60%

Yesterday when dealing with the Grenfell Tower inferno, our fire fighters were epic. The courage shown by the firemen as without hesitation they laid their lives on the line by charging into the burning building to save the terrified victims was on par with the heroism shown by the firemen of 9/11.  These men are legends.  No words can convey high enough praise for their guts and dedication. 

When I attended Mayor’s Question Time every month,  I learnt fires are now down a massive 60% over ten years and this has to be good news.   Furniture is now non flammable.  We have central heating and efficient fire alarms.  Even inventions like oven chips play their part in reducing fires.  That is why 20% of fire stations have been closed.  No fire fighter was made redundant.  They were all offered either voluntary redundancy or transfers to other stations. Continue reading

BREAKING! Lady says her grandson was told to vote Labour twice in GE “to save Britain”

Rumours are flying that up to a million students voted twice for Labour in the recent GE. If this is true, this is a bigger scandal than Tower Hamlets.  Much much bigger.Surely it is asking for trouble to allow students to be registered at their home address and also in their uni area.  See evidence below. Continue reading

Labour result was mediocre, not half as good as they pretend

To hear the spin, you would think Labour had won GE 2017. Thuggish tweeters poured onto twitter with lies,  smears,  and bleep bleep bleep tweets.  Led by terrorist sympathiser, and Palestinian terrorist admirer Jeremy Corbyn, Labour did better than expected, but expectation was they would be  wiped out. The accusations of anti semiticism in the party, always a serious problem with Corbyn, were not deal with in the election.   Let’s look at the data to see how well he really did. Continue reading

SENSATION. In GE 2010, student told he could vote twice

An Oxford student was told at the polling booth in the GE in 2010 that because of a “quirk for students” he could vote twice. He had voted in the General Election by postal vote, so came in to vote in the council elections.  But he was told that he could vote again.

The student, knowing this was illegal, didn’t vote again and reported the incident to the authorities.  This happened in 2010.   Students should not be registered in two places.  There is too much temptation to vote twice. Continue reading

Bullying Corbynistas are behaving like the Black Shirts

It’s obvious if you do research,  that Jeremy Corbyn hugely altered the views he has held for 40 years to make headway in the recent general election.  The behaviour of his supporters is appalling, in stark contrast to the fake image he presents.  A Jewish Labour donor. Michael Foster,  has shown exactly how much of a “man of authenticity” Corbyn is.A brand of politics alien to this country, defined and delivered by a divisive, aggressive holier-than-thou cadre of hard-Left socialists with no real policies to speak of, no defined social and economic objectives, just a call for the committed to take this journey with them down the Yellow Brick Road. Continue reading

Corbyn is a worse traitor than Kim Philby

There is fury throughout London at the latest terror attack, and huge admiration for the lightning and heroic response from the Met.  Boris Johnson does not  believe that Jeremy Corbyn is capable of defending us from terror. So let’s look at Corbyn’s record.Jeremy Corbyn.

Corbyn has refused to back terror measures or measures against radicalisation 56 times.  He calls Hezbollah his friends. He wanted the IRA to win. Continue reading

Jeremy Corbyn is Chauncy Gardiner from “Being There”

Suddenly it all makes sense.  One of  Peter Sellers’ most famous films was Being There, a seventies classic about a simpleminded gardener, who has been isolated from the world all his life.  Boris Johnson has spotted that allotment loving, behind the times, Jeremy Corbyn IS chucklehead Chauncy.   This has to be the reason Labour, with much stronger choices for leader,  picked a man who ia an absolute flake.   

Chauncy’s simplistic ramblings about how to look after a garden are hilariously taken by America’s economists, politicians and businessmen as a metaphor for how to cure the economy. The deception takes him to the brink of the election for President and hints he enters the White House. Continue reading