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Boris Johnson speaks to the House on his recent visit to the Middle East

The Foreign Secretary began:  With your permission, Mr Speaker, and following my undertaking to the House, I will make a statement about my visit to the middle east, from where I returned this morning.  Continue reading

Planet Fear is a complete failure, Brexit voters standing firm

This month, YouGov research proves that non-stop bad mouthing of Brexit by Planet Fear has had no effect whatsoever.   On the contrary, a poll earlier this year proved that hard Remain now only has the support of 22%.

The EU chiefs are so greedy and unpleasant, they are turning off Remainers in their droves.  William Hague, Liz Truss, Stanley Johnson, are now all for Brexit, to name but three.  Thousands of Remainers now want Brexit because they believe in democracy.  Continue reading

Labour is eating itself up over Brexit

Tories can see Labour is eating itself up over Brexit, but it took the brutal analysis of an ex Labour MP to really cut them down to size. 

Quote of the week: Ex-Labour MP Tom Harris mocks his party’s decision to vote against the EU (Withdrawal) Bill yesterday. Continue reading

Boris Johnson nicks Peston’s questions before interview, the scamp

When Boris Johnson told kids at junior schools, Always grab your opportunities, he probably didn’t have this in mind, but as the most stitched up MP in politics, who can blame him?From the look of pure enjoyment on his face, as he calmly absorbed all Pesto’s interview on paper, the raid was definitely worth it.   Boris went on to give an outstanding interview. Continue reading

Many Remoaners still do not understand why Leavers voted for Brexit

As early as the 5th century B.C.,  Boris Johnson’s hero Pericles said this in a famous political speech,’“The reason why our system is called democratic politics is that the regime is in the hands of all citizens, rather than a small group of people. When dealing with private disputes, everyone is equal under the law.”
Continue reading

Boris starts laughing as he is smacked in the face with a mike!

As journalists jostle for his attention in Brussels,  Boris inadvertantly gets a smack in the face, which he handles with his usual good humour.

At the second attempt, the biggest microphone is nearly rammed right down his throat. When you are Foreign Secretary, nothing like having journalists hang on your every word!

Letter from Foreign Sec. Boris Johnson re. Mrs. Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe

There has been huge concern on twitter over the situation of Mrs. Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, the British-Iranian mother accused of a plot to topple the Iranian government. Her family insist she is innocent.nazaninShe was convicted and sentenced to five years in prison in Iran.  Sadly for her family, her appeal failed. Continue reading