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Brexiteer MPs may be outnumbered but on the field of battle they are worth 10,000 men. Each

Brexiteers are heavily outnumbered in Parliament and in the government, but so principled and brave are the politicians fighting for us, with such outstanding fighting spirit, I believe there is no doubt that Brexit, as we voted for it, will prevail.





I have been deeply moved to see politicians whom I knew little about fight like tigers for democracy, social justice and the rights of ordinary people.  This is what politics is supposed to be about.  It is inspiring stuff and restores my faith in politicians. Continue reading

BETS ON BORIS! A massive 70% of bets for next Tory leader are for mop haired Bojo

Boris has just topped polls of Con Home, You Gov and Oddschecker to follow May as Tory Leader.   Then the Sun poll came to the same result.

Oddschecker is hugely bullish on Boris’s chances.

The former London mayor was 5/1 to land the top job in the Tory party just 48 hours ago, however one bookmaker has slashed him to 3/1 to takeover when Thersea May departs. It’s not just the bookies who believe Johnson’s chances to take charge are increasing, the punters also fancy his chances.  Continue reading

Beautiful and inspiring Boris speech electrifies the Conference

Boris Johnson’s brilliant, inspirational and moving speech was without doubt the highlight of a horribly lacklustre conference. A standing ovation and again he is the darling of the grass roots.    Boris began: 

As our hearts go out to Las Vegas today we are reminded once again of the attack that took place here only a few months ago, on innocent and music-loving young people. And if there is a message to our American friends it is this: that they will come through it and they will come back from it stronger.  Continue reading

Bully boy Norris tells Boris the 1922 Committee in charge, shut it or they will sack you

In an ugly display of fascist style behaviour, Steven Norris and Philip Hammond ganged up on Boris Johnson yesterday, threatening him with the sack if he didn’t stay silent over Brexit.

Bully boy Norris even said the 1922 Committee would end Boris’s career! Oh are they running the country and Brexit,  Steve, I didn’t realise!   In my innocence, I thought that the EU Referendum was the chance of voters to decide whether we left or stayed in the EU!  We were told, in Parliament, by the then PM our decision would be final.  But it’s the 1922 committee running May and making the decisions, is it.   Forgive me, my mistake!  Continue reading

Boris’s bravery in fighting off government Brexit sellout sees him bound to top of leadership polls

When Boris found out that the Remoaners in the government were planning a transition period until 2024, he hurled himself into the breach and fought it off like a tiger.  His stirring article bursting with enthusiasm for Brexit was like a hand grenade, hurled into appalling mess that Brexit has become.  That bravery has seen Boris bounce to the top of the ConHome leadership poll, from his worst rating ever, four weeks ago.

It duplicates the results of the YouGov poll, that had Boris first in line, with Jacob Rees Mogg second.  (Ruth Davidson isn’t eligible.)

Oddschecker shows Boris is now the top choice for Tory leader and also the top choice for next Tory PM.

Brexit is getting nowhere and the strategy of appeasement adopted by the PM and David Davis is manna to EU Chiefs, who recognise patsies when they see them.  They clearly have no intention of giving us a good deal. Continue reading

Boastful Corbo still only level pegging with Tories

To hear Jeremy Corbyn brag, you would think he had a 20 point lead over the Tories.  In GE17, in spite of the blatant student cheating and even more blatant lies about refunding and cancelling student debt, Jezza still lost.  And that was with Theresa May giving the worst example of a leader fighting an election anywhere, ever.  

By the time of the next general election, hopefully, Peter Bone will have plugged the loophope that allowed so many students to vote twice, or even three times.  He will have brought in a database, that makes such dishonourable strategems impossible. Continue reading

Remoaners Hezza and Green desperate to silence Boris over the four Brexit red lines

May I be candid?   Brexit is now a total mess.  I don’t know if it’s because there are too many Remainers in the government Brexit team of May/Hammond/Rudd/Davis and Boris or if it is because David Davis is completely out of his depth.  Probably a bit of both.

A transition phases until 2024?  David Davis’s wacko idea of a British Court to be set up that is equal to the ECJ  with a mediator?  When we are supposed to get rid of all EU control?  A 40 billion divorce payment?  What are Hammond and David Davis thinking?  Continue reading