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Pollution kills, particularly children – a Heathrow runway will kill 1,000s more

Every area of London  exceeds World Health Organisation (WHO) limits for a damaging type of particle known as PM2.5.  In London, we are all breathing air that exceeds global guidelines for this most dangerous of toxic particles. The air we breathe is filthy.  A third runway at Heathrow will make this infinitely worse.Imagine the damage this poison is doing to the fragile lungs of children.  7.9 million Londoners – nearly 95% of the capital’s population – live in areas that exceed the limit by 50% or more. In central London the average annual levels are almost double the WHO limit of 10 µg/m3.  Continue reading

Brilliant Andrew Boff nails Mr. Useless, Sadiq Khan on itv video

What is the point of Sadiq Khan?  A video from ITV shows brilliant Andrew Boff tackling Sadiq Khan over his betrayal of the Jewish community!

Andrew Boff is rightly furious as he corners the Mayor.  over his failure to check with the PM what hate organisations should be banned.  A mumbling Sadiq repeats Calm down, calm down, as Boff hits the roof!  As usual he passes the buck.  He says the best way he can protect the Jewish community is for the government to increase money for policing!  Continue reading

As Mayor, Boris earned global rave reviews and that is why the EU fear him now

By their words shall ye know them!  When Boris Johnson was Mayor, he won rave reviews globally for the super efficient way he hoiked London out of recession, made it the no. 1 city in the world and beat Ken Livingstone and a 19% swing to Labour twice.

The Germans extolled him as the man with huge charisma, who got the job done.

“Boris, the picky Germans believe, understands the exercise of power,  and how to win elections.  While protecting the poor, Boris is smart enough to back business and go for growth, and, says Die Welt, he knocks spots off the Mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit, who is flamboyant and fun, but achieves very little.” See link first para.  Continue reading

May breaks EU deadlock by exploiting EU fear of Boris Johnson

There has been a definite shift in the Brussels deadlock, as wily Theresa May played an ace.  She pointed out that carry on the way that they are, and she could be removed and replaced by their worst nightmare!  The fear that Boris Johnson will be next PM  shook EU chiefs so badly, they dropped their silly posturing in a flash, to become Mrs. May’s new best friends.  

Oddschecker shows that Boris is in the lead to follow Mrs. May as Tory leader and next PM.  EU chiefs know that in Boris, the UK has a superbrain, up to every dodgy manoeuvre in a flash, who will not shift an inch where British interests are concerned.   Like every other Brexiteer, he will fight for our rights like a tiger.  Months ago, he suggested cutting off EU payments and his speciality is putting the boot in if this country is being mucked about.   Continue reading

The night tube is a huge success, thank you Boris Johnson!

Another idea from brilliant Boris Johnson is proving even more of a success than expected.  The BBC announced today that the London economy has been boosted by £171 million in a year. It has proved a safe and reliable way of getting Londoners home safely.

Passengers have also exceeded expectation,  by more than 18%. As Mayor,  Boris raised billions in investment for London on his trade missions.   He arranged millions in deals, and £500M in funding for Londoners. His scheme for the night tube is just another example of what a fantastic loss he is to London, but the city’s loss is the Foreign Office’s gain.   Continue reading

Where is the concern from Sadiq Khan over the ever rising rape count from Uber?

An explosive story in TAXI magazine accuses TfL of snatching the publication to conceal the truth from Londoners about the rising rape count.  It also prints the shocking allegation that Uber is not reporting the extent of rapes and sexual assaults by its drivers to the Met.  Where is the concern of the Mayor, Sadiq Khan, over the rising attacks and sexual assaults on Londoners?

Every member of the London Assembly has voted that this situation must not continue.  Sadiq Khan renewed Uber’s licence for 4 months and it is up for renewal again in September.  Mr. Khan could pull the licence tomorrow if he wanted to.   Continue reading

Rein in Uber! Sadiq Khan skewered by furious Assembly members

For once every single member of the London Assembly is united against the Mayor of London over maverick, rule breaking Uber.  The Uber licence is up for renewal in September, and if Sadiq Khan is fool enough to renew the licence, he will be ripped to pieces by his own Assembly members. 

Sadiq’s big mouth bragging has finally come back to haunt him.  This is the man who vowed when he was running for Mayor that if Uber trangressed only once, he would pull their licence!   There are so many reasons to pull Uber off the road, critics have lost count, but instead, a year after becoming Mayor, Khan renewed the Uber licence.  Continue reading