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Breaking news! Years ago, Boris Johnson used slave labour at 50p an hour

The scandal breaks!  So far my support and faith in our Foreign Secretary has remained rock solid, but the discovery that Boris used slave labour in his youth, paying a measly 50p. an hour to the victim,  forcing her to slave away for hours on end,  left me reeling, my belief system in tatters.

The young victim

The evidence is indisputable.  A trembling “Rachel” revealed on Good Morning Britain that as a vulnerable adolescent, she was forced, against her will to iron Boris’s and Jo Johnson’s shirts every week for a pitiful 50p. an hour!  Bastards!   Continue reading

Shame. Shame. Shame. Shame on Sadiq Khan as Uber rapes soar!

There have been 32 rapes by Uber drivers in a year and still heartless Sadiq Khan keeps handing out the licences.  The rape figures started to soar when Osbo was handling TfL and Uber, and it is alleged his cheery comment was “Don’t tell passengers!  They will stop taking minicabs! “

The Sun reported:  “The California-based firm has been hit with a string of sexual assault claims in the US and it was banned in New Delhi, India, after a passenger was raped.”
Continue reading

Hampstead and Kilburn must grab the chance to make Claire Louise Leyland an MP

Trained therapist Claire Louise Leyland cared enough to volunteer and go to the Syrian/Turkish border to help distraught Syrian orphans.  That alon gets her my vote.

In politics talk is easy….  it’s what politicians achieve that counts.  If that’s the yardstick picking Claire Louise Leyland as the next MP for Hampstead and Kilburn is a no brainer. As first glance  quiet, modest and shy, Claire Louise has an impressive range of talents, every one of them is linked to service – of people or her country. Continue reading

Yikes! Security bans Boris’s bike, but he is still a moving target

The most visible politician in London has to be Boris Johnson on his bike, but now poor Bojo is grounded because his protection team says he is too visible a security risk. borisjogging4With his liking for flash sports gear, he is only marginally less visible when out jogging,  but at least he is secure in his bullet proof government car.   Maybe he should get an exercise bike installed at the Foreign Office. Continue reading

Breaking Bad! Heathrow given the green light!

For years, Boris Johnson has opposed the idea of a third runway at Heathrow.  There are abundant reasons why this is set to be a massive waste of time and money.  Ten of those reasons are here. borisheathrowJustine Greening is a strong opponent.  Zac Goldsmith has just described the news as “catastrophic”   He is widely expected to resign his seat in protest.

Heathrow will be obsolete by the time it is built, says Boris Johnson in an article in the Telegraph last year. Continue reading

Proof the FT talks Britain down non-stop

So keen is the Financial Times to talk down the UK, that their negative headlines have earned the Editor, Lionel Barber,  a nomination for a French award, the Legion d’Honneur.  You have to work full time to promote the UK’s demise to be offered one of those babies!  FTheadlinesHere’s just a sample of how the paper merrily bashes our Brexit chances into the dust.  Psychologist Suzie Orbach wrote an article how spoilt brat Remainers were seeking therapy on how to come to terms with the shattering realisation they had been beaten by the plebs!  This rates at news in a financial newspaper? Continue reading

Are you sick of corrupt TV bias? If you want the truth, watch Euronews!

Were you sickened by the blatant bias of the BBC and SKY News during the EU referendum?  Are you appalled to discover that the BBC and SKY are deliberately ignoring the huge demonstrations in Germany that have gone on since 2013, against Merkel’s immigration policy? So ingrained is the bias of these channels to REMAIN that they ignore the trade deals offered to Britain in their need to please their EU paymasters.bigbrother3The most recent Mayoral election (between REMAINER Sadiq Khan and committed LEAVE candidate Zac Goldsmith)   was not truthfully reported. Zac was so digracefully smeared on the half hour on SKY,  I reported the coverage to Ofcom (and got  nowhere!) The BBC was similarly untruthful. Continue reading