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Classic Boris in Parliament! Boris slaughters Corbo’s visit to Glasto

Jeremy Corbyn’s appearance at Glastonbury in time of national crisis seems to have majorly backfired.    Last night, Boris Johnson pitilessly revealed the idiocy of  Corbo at such a time getting down with kids to howls of laughter from both benches. Corbo wants to scrap Trident.  

Jeremy Corbyn claimed to be speaking to the dispossessed.  Are you kidding me?  Tickets for “Glarstonbury” are £238 a pop!  The likes of Kate Moss, pop stars, supermodels, champagne socialists and a chubby Ed Balls pay a fortune for special accomodation.   Continue reading

Shame on you, John McDonnell, you lied over Grenfell Tower

Labour lost the last election,  partly because, as usual, they ran a dishonest campaign.   John McDonnell is still trying to wage class warfare with the same strategy of planting fake news, smearing leading Tories and outright lying.  Grenfell victims have said they do not want their anguish used for political purposes,  McDonnell doesn’t give a damn. 

McDonnell’s accusation, shames his office,   Politicising the Grenfell tragedy is all he cares about.  Desperate to whip up hate, McDonnell used the word “murder”.  Continue reading

Schoolboys turn out to be smarty pants

Shake a tail feather baby! Schools that refuse to relax their strict dress code in searing heat refuse to let young boys wear shorts.  However, they are finding that astute young pupils have their own way of dealing with the problem.

The 14 year old boys of Isca College Exeter askedif they could wear shorts, but were firmly told they had to stick to school rules.  A jocular remark that they were free to wear skirts was taken seriously by five bright sparks, who turned up in girls skirts.   The next day, the rebellion had swelled to 30.  Continue reading

Oaf Jeremy Corbyn insults the Queen

Oafish Jeremy Corbyn showed his contempt for our much loved Queen by refusing to bow to her in Parliament today as is the tradition.  Instead he smirked and winked like the outright yob he is.  Corbyn despises the Royals, he despises British tradition and he despises our history. 

Even worse, he failed to ask about the health of the 96 year old Duke of Edinburgh.  This behaviour, on the occasion of the Queen’s Speech along with his silly statement that  private property should be stolen from its owners to house the homeless and his insistence on a “Day of Rage” will not endear him to ordinary people.  Continue reading

Survivors feel the strength and sympathy of our Queen

Our Queen has always been quiet and reserved,  but survivors drew on her strength and sympathy as she toured the crowds of distraught survivors of Grenfell Towers with Prince William.

This is the worst thing I have ever seen, said the Queen quietly.  “She looked straight into my eyes”  said a young mum  ” I felt how she cared.” The Queen is aware of the “dark mood” of the country right now, and she understands that it is a direct consequence of the terrible tragedies that have hit London in the past few months.  Continue reading

Boris speaks out re. “political game playing” about the Grenfell tragedy

Unusually, Boris Johnson has spoken out about the “political game playing” surrounding the Grenfell Tower tragedy like a malign cloud.  Isn’t the suffering bad enough?   The london fire safety plan referred to below was backed by top fire chief Ron Dobson. 

Boris said:

There has sadly been some political game playing about the terrible fire in London. I find it unbelievable that Labour are suggesting that this tragedy was somehow caused by fire service cuts.

The fire brigade was there astonishingly quickly and performed with great bravery.  Continue reading

SENSATION. In GE 2010, student told he could vote twice

An Oxford student was told at the polling booth in the GE in 2010 that because of a “quirk for students” he could vote twice. He had voted in the General Election by postal vote, so came in to vote in the council elections.  But he was told that he could vote again.

The student, knowing this was illegal, didn’t vote again and reported the incident to the authorities.  This happened in 2010.   Students should not be registered in two places.  There is too much temptation to vote twice. Continue reading