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Bullying Russia stands alone and isolated says Boris

The West has let Putin get away with bad behaviour for way too long.  On Friday, it was revealed that 131 people might have been exposed to Novichok nerve gas.  Boris Johnson explains below why we have to stand up to bullies like the Russians.

In a Sun exclusive, Boris wrote:  On Friday it emerged that 131 innocent people may have been exposed to the Novichok nerve agent. Continue reading

How Boris forced May to deal with Putin when she wanted to run and hide

When Boris Johnson raised the issue of the Skripal poisoning in Cabinet, and said the only response was to hang tough with Putin, May screamed at him in front of Cabinet members and ordered him to be silent.  May has an ostrich mentality.  If she can possibly avoid dealing with tough issues, she will.  Her speciality is to  kick them into the long grass.  

It is only because other Cabinet members backed Boris to the hilt that she was made to listen at all!  Gavin Williamson and even Philip Hammond, forced May to face the truth.  Continue reading

Putin’s bragging about poison has not helped his cause

Russian enemies will swallow poison  Putin has said and he has made the threat on more than one occasion.  This is a fatal mistake.  On 9th March, Independent IE reported:Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has warned his country’s enemies they will “be served with poison”. Mr Putin made his comments at a time when UK police are investigating the apparent poisoning of a Russian double agent and his daughter in Salisbury although he was not addressing that issue when he made the comments. Continue reading

Boris plays a blinder to unite the West against Russia, but Corbo insists it’s the Russian Mafia!

Writing in the Washington Post today, Boris gives a clear explanation of why the Government is sure that the Russians are behind the attacks on Skripal and his daughter.

He stresses how important it is for the Western world to unite in such a dangerous situation and how much we need our allies.    The US, Germany, and after some equivocation, France are all solidly behind the British action. Continue reading

Boris says Russian response shows their guilt, but no ban on attending World Cup

With his usual fairness, Boris says he does not wish to see any “Russiaphobia” in this country.  As late as Apri last year, Boris was reaching out to Putin over Syria,  saying “It doesn’t have to be this way!”

But the attempted murder of a British citizen and his daughter, which Skripal now is, was a step too far.   Continue reading

New US Sec. of State Mike Pompeo won’t take any nonsense from the Russians

Mike Pompeo, America’s new top diplomat is a rock solid Trump man.  Ex Director of the CIA, he is will have the President’s back, and there is a natural understanding betwen the two. He admires the President’s ability to do things his own way. 

During his confirmation hearing, Pompeo stated that Russia “has reasserted itself aggressively, invading and occupying Ukraine, threatening Europe, and doing nearly nothing to aid in the destruction and defeat of ISIS”.  Continue reading

Overt attack on Skripal was meant to send a message says Andrew Neil

McRussia.  The blatant attack on Skripal was overt, they could have sent a hitman and the perpetrator would never have been found, pointed out  Andrew Neil on BBC Daily Politics.

The attempt was clearly geared to send a terrifying message.

23 Russian diplomats are being turfed out of Britain, and they have a week to leave.  This is the strongest reaction for 30 years.  Britain is taking steps to dismantle Russian espionage network in the UK.  The 23 Russian diplomats to be expelled have been identified as undeclared intelligence officers.  Continue reading