Boris Johnson’s speech for the Legatum Institute on Athenian Civilisation

Boris’s lecture for the Legatum Institute on Athenian Civilisation: The Glory that Endures was watched not only in Athens, but in Rome, New York, Boston, Abu Dhabi, and Vancouver.  The video of the speech is here.

Senior Advisor Hywel Williams, in his introduction,  compared Boris to the Colossus of Rhodes, “his sturdy frame standing astride on the earth, solidly fixed, …….. but also rising above.”

The note from the Legatum Institute said: “4 September 2014: The Mayor of London drew brilliant parallels between Athens and London and laid out his manifesto as a potential Prime Minister in an authoritative and entertaining, livestreamed lecture for the Legatum Institute on 4 September. The mayor’s lecture examined how the experiences of democrats in the 5th century BC can help us to preserve London’s unique metropolitan character today. Hosted by Hywel Williams, Senior Adviser at the Legatum Institute, with introductory remarks from Sian Hansen, Executive Director. More information here:…

An article by Harry Mount in today’s Daily Telegraph gives more explanation of Boris’s momentous speech, and gives the flavour of the occasion.  Harry’s article is here.

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