Why Eugene Lebedev, Jo Johnson and Ian Botham richly deserve their honours

It’s depressing that even Andrew Neil, known for his forensic knowledge of the facts, is a sloppy researcher tainted by modern bias these days.

He used to delve, and check out the facts.  This is sorely needed in a climate when even the great Andrew Neil now prefers to snipe from the sidelines.

Andrew tweeted today:

The truth about both these honours is very different from the left wing spin.  Eugene Lebedev is a philanthropist who has raised millions for charity.

Evgeny Lebedev is the patron of the Evening Standard’s Dispossessed Fund, which helps to address poverty in London, and has raised over £13m since its launch in 2010. And all Mr.Neil can find to say is he is the son of an ex KGB spy.

Brilliantly clever Jo Johnson sacrificed his political career because it broke his heart to go up against his elder brother.  His wife is a Guardian writer.   Jo Johnson is sorely missed as Higher Education Minister, he was about to restore democracy on campuses a revolutionary, much needed strategy.  This bold move would have made it illegal to show bias and bullying against Tory supporters.  Universities would be subject to fines if they didn’t comply.

Ian Botham is another inspired choice for the Lords. He deserves the honour for his charity work alone.    He will be a breath of fresh air, his bracing presence will blast the cobwebs from the stuffy Lords Chamber and will send an electric charge up the backsides of the stuck in a groove corrupt habituees.

As I said to Kevin Maguire, another sniper, not everything is rotten to the core, Kev!    Far from corrupt,  all Boris’s choices are inspired,  because they have so much to give this country.  Wake up Andrew, Ali C and Kevin!   Remember when one good rock song could change the world?    This government rocks!

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