Death tolls being manipulated by Starmer to continue Project Fear

The Remain media is trying to conceal the truth about death tolls.  The death toll for the flu epidemic in the winter of 2017/8 is recorded as 50,100, (later revised as even higher.)  And the flu virus then was nothing like as contagious as Covid 19.  PM Boris Johnson is to be congratulated for containing such a contagious disease as Covid 19 to 43,000 so far. 

Statements by Remainers such as Keir Starmer that we have the highest death toll in the world are false. He claims to be a details man, but ignores the minutiae of what is a highly complicated subject.

Statitician Steven Spencer says:   Comparative data is not available and headline numbers are being manipulated for the sole purpose of continuing Project Fear to undermine the Johnson government.

(Please forgive my spelling mistakes above, I was exhausted.)

In other words death tolls are all calculated differently by different countries.  There is no standardised method, so there is no way we can compare.   Statista explains further here.  

Journalist Frederick Forsyth says:  Of the previous pandemics the worst was Asian flu which ran through most of 1969 and spring 1970. When it finally faded we had lost 80,000 citizens. He adds:  Each year we are swept by seasonal winter flu. Each year it carries away 20,000 to 30,000 of us, the huge majority enfeebled by advanced old age and illness.

It takes a certain type of person to exploit a pandemic for political gain, said Dominic Lawson.  “Sir” Keir Starmer would do well to ponder these words.

2 responses to “Death tolls being manipulated by Starmer to continue Project Fear

  1. Like Blair Brown and Corbyn Starmer owes his allegiance to the deep state.
    His position on the fate of children is too sick for me.

    Great news a Deep State representatives in the Civil service has been removed.

    People say that the country is adrift, however it takes time and courage to decapitate the enemy from within.
    The Home Secretary is an outstanding example of a manager with sound intentions obstructed every inch of the way. She may have to remove all staff who have attended a Common Purpose course.
    Sadly there is a report of a Cabinet minister, name escapes me who is on the fiddle and using his position to bypass the normal planning procedures on behalf of a friend. He needs to go!

    Looking forward to the day when channel 4 is closed and the BBC dies.

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