PM Boris’s lockdown statement watched more than the Kennedy assassination

The Prime Minister’s lockdown statement was watched by over 27 million people, reported The Independent.    Viewing figures for the prime minister’s pre-recorded address surpassed major events such as the news coverage of John F Kennedy’s assassination, the 1969 moon landing and the finale of the 2012 Olympics.

In another stunning result for the Prime Minister,  93% are in favour of all the measures he is taking,  76% very strongly.  These YouGov results are amazing in a time of national crisis.  The government are shutting down huge swathes of the economy, banning people from seeing their families, and cancelling normal life as we know it.

However, some 24 per cent think it will be ‘very easy’ to follow the rules.

And another 42 per cent said it would be ‘fairly easy’

No country is in the same situation, they are all different. We have the advice of the best scientists in the world to lean on and the best financial brains to guide us.  We will get through this.

The  pique on the faces of insurrectionists like Piers Morgan and Kevin Maguire,  desperate to stir it, was plain to see.  All they are doing is showing themselves up.  Because people love and trust PM Boris.  They know that under unimaginable pressure, he is rallying nobly to deal with a nightmare situation. They know the entire government is under the cosh, as they battle to suppress the rising infection.

They know they can trust him and his Cabinet..  Trust.  You can’t beat it.

2 responses to “PM Boris’s lockdown statement watched more than the Kennedy assassination

  1. Piers Morgan is a disgrace as a “journalist” just talking to one of our daughters her comments about him were “I can’t stand the man, he never lets anyone speak, I want to hear what the politicians have to say, not Morgan’s opinion” I thank we all agree, it’s about time Piers kept his “trap shut”.

    • Despicable man. Piers Morgan pretends he insults the government out of “caring”. Truth is he screamed at our PM through a megaphone when Boris was being interviewed by BBC. Then threatened to blackmail him unless he appeared on Good Morning Britain! Needless to say, Piers Morgan is blacklisted, and PM will never ever speak to him again.

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