PM Boris was right to get rid of Sajid Javid says Nick Timothy

Ex adviser of Theresa May, Nick Timothy, explains in detail in today’s Daily Telegraph exactly why PM Boris had no choice but to replace Chancellor Sajid Javid.  If Javid had agreed to the new system of pooling the SPADS of the Government and the Treasury, he would have kept his job.

Sajid Javid was a block in the way of the the reform so determinedly masterminded by the PM and his top adviser.  They are as one in the belief that reform is vital, and unwaveringly intend to see this aim through. To read those reasons in details, please read Nick Timothy’s Telegraph article here.

Rishi Sunak was privately educated at Winchester College, an all-boys’ boarding school, where he was head boy. He then studied PPE at Lincoln College, Oxford, graduating with a First in 2001. In 2006, Sunak obtained an MBA from Stanford University, where he was a Fulbright scholar.

Sunak worked as an analyst for investment bank Goldman Sachs between 2001 and 2004. He then worked for hedge fund management firm The Children’s Investment Fund Management, becoming a partner in September 2006. He left in November 2009 to join other former colleagues at new hedge fund firm Theleme Partners which launched in October 2010 with an initial $700 million.Sunak was also a director of investment firm Catamaran Ventures owned by his father-in-law Indian businessman N. R. Narayana Murthy.

Rishi Sunak was appointed as Chief Secretary to the Treasury by Prime Minister Boris Johnson on 24 July 2019. He became a member of the Privy Council the next day.

Sunak was promoted to Chancellor of the Exchequer on 13 February 2020 as part of a cabinet reshuffle, after the resignation of his predecessor Sajid Javid on the same day. Javid resigned after being asked by Prime Minister Johnson to fire his parliamentary aides

Rishi Sunak has had a meteoric rise to become Chancellor and with George Osborne, is one of the youngest Chancellors of modern times. PM Boris has a keen eye for talent.  Rishi was an instant success when stalwartly defending the PM in the GE  in several vital debates. There is a sincerity about Rishi Sunak, a decency that is immediately striking.   His many supporters firmly believe he will justify the PM’s faith in him.

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