Read the inspiring speech of PM Boris on Brexit Day

Boris Johnson’s speech on Brexit Day wasn’t shown on the BBC or ITV NewsSky News did show parts of it, but PM Boris chose the social media to release his inspiring, hopeful speech.

Our PM exudes hope, positivity and self belief.  EU Chiefs have been spotted as looking depressed, fearful and anxious. They expressed their deep sorrow at the departure of their “friends”.  Our PM warmly returned the protestations of friendship, but his cheery buoyancy and unshakeable faith in a  bright future only seemed to make EU Chiefs more depressed. 

To watch the PM’s speech which appeared on social media, please click here.

Here you can read the Prime Minister’s historic victory speech in full: The PM begins:  Tonight we are leaving the European Union.

For many people this is an astonishing moment of hope, a moment they thought would never come. And there are many of course who feel a sense of anxiety and loss. And then of course there is a third group – perhaps the biggest – who had started to worry that the whole political wrangle would never come to an end.

I understand all those feelings, and our job as the government – my job – is to bring this country together now and take us forward. The most important thing to say tonight is that this is not an end but a beginning.

This is the moment when the dawn breaks and the curtain goes up on a new act in our great national drama. And yes it is partly about using these new powers – this recaptured sovereignty – to deliver the changes people voted for.

Whether that is by controlling immigration or creating freeports or liberating our fishing industry or doing free trade deals. Or simply making our laws and rules for the benefit of the people of this country.

And of course I think that is the right and healthy and democratic thing to do. Because for all its strengths and for all its admirable qualities, the EU has evolved over 50 years in a direction that no longer suits this country.

And that is a judgment that you, the people, have now confirmed at the polls. Not once but twice.

Yet this moment is far bigger than that. It is not just about some legal extrication. It is potentially a moment of real national renewal and change.

This is the dawn of a new era in which we no longer accept that your life chances – your family’s life chances – should depend on which part of the country you grow up in.

This is the moment when we really begin to unite and level up. Defeating crime, transforming our NHS, and with better education, with superb technology. And with the biggest revival of our infrastructure since the Victorians. We will spread hope and opportunity to every part of the UK.

And if we can get this right I believe that with every month that goes by we will grow in confidence not just at home but abroad. And in our diplomacy, in our fight against climate change. In our campaigns for human rights or female education or free trade we will rediscover muscles that we have not used for decades. The power of independent thought and action.

To read the rest of the speech, please click on blue link above.

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