Save Aussie orphan koalas! Get out those knitting needles!

British animal lovers heart broken at the hurt caused to thousands of animals in the Australia bush fires are rallying to help in a truly British way.  They are grabbing their knitting needles and sewing machines to make life saving pouches, jumpers and animal mittens to help koalas orphaned and hurt by the blaze.

Katie Mairis asked people via social media to help out.   In a few days, her knitting shop Yarn for the Soul,  was swamped as her plea went viral.  Knitting pattern for the nests is via the Mirror on the link.

Nearly one-third of Australia’s koala population have died and more than 800 million animals have been killed by bushfires in New South Wales alone.

The Australia-based Animal Rescue Craft Guild Facebook group which has more than 183,000 members put a call out for volunteers to knit pouches for the animals.

Donors from all over Asia, Europe and the US are contributing to the cause with The Rescue Collective, based in Queensland working to distribute the pouches.

The fires have really caused a lot of destruction and there’s been so many animals orphaned,’ a helper, Ms Parkinson told the BBC.

‘So these little pouches just give the babies that the carers are working with and trying to save a similar sort of environment to their mum.’

Mrs. Mairis’ plea has been so successful she has had to disable her Facebook page for the time being.

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