Usman Khan was a devious deceiver, who planned all along to kill again

In an article in the Guardian, David Merritt, father of murdered Jack, violently reproached Boris Johnson for deciding not to let out jihadi terrorists half way through their sentences.  The PM was quiet and respectful, but unabashed.

‘It’s my job to keep people safe’:   PM Boris defied the fury of the father of one of the London Bridge terror attack victims, his son.  Boris intends to  push ahead with his crackdown on early release of jihadis from jail – because he believes it is impossible to reform killers like Usman Khan.

In 2012, Khan was arrested for planning to blow up the Stock Exchange, other notable sites and having a death list to murder several notable politicians.   He got 16 years, but earned early release after 8 years

Last Friday, Khan went on the rampage after attending a prisoner rehabilitation conference, where he was hailed as the poster boy for rehabilitation, killing three people,.

In the Daily Mail, Dominic Lawson said Even if Boris Johnson does want to keep jihadis in jail, he’ll face the mother of all battles to do so! He goes on to explain that there is abundant evidence that “prisoners do dissemble for early release all the time.”   In the two years to 2018, the number of murders where the killer was on parole was 18%, an increase of almost 2/3rd.

Ian Acheson, a former prison governor charged by the then Justice Secretary Michael Gove in 2015 to conduct a review of Islamist extremism in prisons, yesterday told The Sunday Times just how bad things are.

Here are a few of his devastating criticisms: ‘Encounters with prison officials resulted in jaw-dropping levels of naivety and bureaucratic obfuscation.’ ‘Programmes to tackle radicalised behaviour were rudimentary in-house creations with former terrorist offenders telling us how easy courses were to ‘game’. It was a shambles.’

And, finally: ‘I have serious concerns about the appetite of those at the top of the prison and probation service to take the action needed to protect the public and manage the risks.’

Let’s be clear what this former prison governor is arguing: he is saying that those who run a system meant to have the protection of the public as its highest priority are ideologically opposed to the sort of measures which Boris Johnson is pledged to introduce.

What this in turn means is that if the Conservatives are returned to office, they will face institutionalised opposition to their pledged policy of ending the automatic early release of the most heinous criminals.”

Michael Howard brought in tougher criminal sentences, which worked.  The public was on his side, and they will also be on Boris Johnson’s side when he goes through with his reforms, which he will.

To read Dominic Lawson’s article in full, please click on the blue link.

3 responses to “Usman Khan was a devious deceiver, who planned all along to kill again

  1. Thank You Angie, Brilliant article!!!
    It would appear that many prisoners would wish to get themselves onto ‘courses’ which have the ability to lessen their time staying inside, IF they play along with what those running the courses want to hear.
    In the case of Usman Khan, obviously he has ‘played the game’ for his early release. When you consider the crime he was put in prison for in the first place (planning on murdering our current PM when he was the Mayor of London)& targeting the Stock Exchange & the London Eye(& all the cruel loss of life these actions would have entailed) his acting skills on feigning he’d become such a ‘reformed character’ must have been quite impressive. It worked, Oh waht mugs they see us for. Especially of the Leftist ideologies!!!

    I think it’s time (though the likes of Jeremy Corbyn & the hard Lefties won’t like it)that we consider these Islamic Jihadis “Insane” and therefore get them certified & locked up forever. Oh the outrage !!! But at least innocent people could walk about more safely!!!

    • Thanks so much for your kind support, really appreciate it! Innocent idealistic students are being gamed by these evil, cynical terrorists. How many more have done the courses for early release so they can on killing and training up other terrorists?

    • Usman Khan did 2 untested Micky Mouse courses, passes with flying colours, and naive young kids think they are “cured”! You would think that is the moment the penny drops and the course organisers realises they are being taken for fools! Not a bit of it and Merritt’s father lectures him for saying a change of policy is essential. How many more will die before they get the message? Merritt’s father seemed reluctant to admit that it was his son who had rehabilitated Usman and organised his release. He just said they knew each other.

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