Corbyn support in the north drops by 25 points, in massive Boris boost.

In a massive boost for Boris Johnson, Labour support collapses in the North: Election poll shows voters refusing to vote Corbyn by a huge margin.  Boris Johnson has appeared to have achieved the impossible by taking back the Labour heartlands.

Early general elections polls today revealed voting intentions for the north west of England have shifted to Borisand the Tories,  paving the way for a landslide win thanks to support from the south and the Midlands.

The Express reports:  Pollster YouGov showed Labour support is collapsing in the north, with prominent industrial counties – some of which that have voted Labour for decades – Cheshire, Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Merseyside now jumping ship to Tory in a spectacular show of support for the Brexiteer Prime Minister.

The poll shows a drop in support for Jeremy Corbyn by an eye-watering 25 points compared to a drop in numbers for Mr Johnson by just three points. This gives the Tories the lead on 33 percent in the stubborn region that voted overwhelmingly to leave.

This is heartening news for PM Boris, as BP donor Arron Banks ridiculed Nigel Farage’s chances by calling him “delusional”!

Nigel Farage is now desperate for a deal, but it’s dead in the water.  He knows he is misleading voters in one of the worst cons in political history.   He cannot possibly deliver #Brexit.  And PM Boris has told Farage “You are not needed.”

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