Breaking….. Suspicion grows. Are we already out of the EU?

Suspicions were first raised by the Tilbrook case.  Gutsy solicitor Robin Tilbrook saw his case kicked out twice without merit, but there are still doubts that was the correct decision. Now another emminent legal mind has come to the same conclusion as Mr. Tilbrook via a different route.

QC Stanley Brodie has come to the conclusion, using different evidence, that we have left the EU.

Unity News Network (UNN) reports:  The Brodie case below is different in that it is more  the EU has broken their own laws. It is said that Downing Street guru and political maestro Dominic Cummings has a legal ace up his sleeve. There is talk the EU cannot extend again and could the analysis below or the Tilbrook case be the secret weapon being held in reserve?

For the Brodie analysis, please click on this sentence.

Are Boris Johnson and Dom Cummings about to trump the EU via a shattering legal ace?

One final point.  Magi Astrology showed we left the EU on 29th March, 2019,  I wrote a blog about this on 22nd January 2019!   I rest my case!

Click on blue links for evidence.

Another article confirming we are out legally the above is here.

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