Naughty, naughty. Boris has found a new magazine to read

The look of faux innocence shows how much our PM is enjoying reading his new magazine.

There are so many sides to Boris Johnson’s character, we never quite know where we are.  In The Three Faces of Eve, the film investigates the true case of a Georgia housewife who had three definite personalities melded into one.

Joanne Woodward won an Oscar for the subtlety of her performance.

In Boris’s case, make that seven. In Anthony and Cleopatra, Enobarbus says that unlike other women Cleopatra can never grow “stale” with “custom” (familiarity); her charms never fade, they only, in their infinite variety, grow more compelling with time.

Is this the secret of our PM’s success at the ballot box?  However many elections Boris wins (five so far) , voters never weary of his infinite variety.

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