The Government has treated Brexit “like a plague of boils” says fiery Boris

Boris Johnson told The Daily Telegraph today that from the start, our Government has treated Brexit “as a scourge, a plague of boils”, in their desire to keep us in the EU. 

The Telegraph says:  Boris Johnson has launched a scathing attack on the Government, accusing Number 10 and the Treasury of “basically being run by the same people who’d run the Remain campaign”, and saying they had treated Brexit as “as a scourge, a plague of boils, murrain on our cattle.”

The former Foreign Secretary, who resigned last summer in protest at Theresa May’s Brexit plan,  said there had been a lack of willing to make the case for a global Britain, saying there has been a failure to “set out a vision for the country, a narrative about how Britain is going global, why that is going to help people’s life chances all over the country, how we’re going to take advantage of the freedoms that Brexit will bring, and just selling to the people a story about what we’re doing”.

Mr Johnson was setting out his vision for a post-Brexit foreign policy in an interview with the Financial Times. He spoke of Britain’s expanding network of embassies and called for “unparalleled” ties with the Commonwealth.

The criticism came as senior Cabinet ministers set out competing priorities for a Brexit Plan B. For the rest of this article please click here.

Jacob Rees_Mogg is in total agreement with Boris, he accuses No. 10 and CCHQ of being in the control of a “Remainer mafia”!

For evidence, please click on the blue links.


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