How May seeks to trap us in EU forever

The tweet below shows why PM May is ignoring transparency, working on a secret deal with Olly Robbins and the EU, while excluding her Cabinet. 

She calculated that her Cabinet members are so spineless and careerist, that given the option of rubber stamping the deal or the sack,  they will put their jobs before the rights of the people, and the  freedoms and democracy of this country.

Edward Heath lied to the British people, he told us our freedom and sovereignty would not be affected by joining the EU.  John Major lied about the Maastricht Treaty.

Now Theresa May is joining this band of traitors.  She intends to tour the UK, pretending the Chequers deal is “just a reasonable compromise!”  If she succeeds she and this Cabinet will go down in history as blackguards who destroyed our centuries old democracy.

The EU wants to destroy the competitiveness of Britain, particularly in the financial sector.  Anyone who backs the destructive deal of May for financial reasons will be cutting their own throats.

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