David Davis admits he was “stitched up” by No. 10

Anyone who has read FALLOUT by the Sunday Times Tim Shipman, is aware that as Brexit Secretary, David Davis was mugged off by Downing Street and recently he admitted the truth to Robert Peston. 

David Davis himself must take responsbility for falling for it though.  First May tried to play him off against Boris Johnson over Chevening,  hoping there would be unseemly rows.  Boris saw through it. and  resolutely refused to row with DD.  When this failed, according to Shipman, May indulged in grotesque flirting with DD, which he fell for.   She and her aides flattered him, pretending he was her favourite over Boris, hoping he would fall into line.

It worked.  When Hammond wanted a three year transition period, Davis sided with Phil, and backed a two year transition.  Or even more!  Boris Johnson was isolated, a lone voice for Brexit, battling alone, although he managed to reduce the period to a year.    An elated Davis bragged “Hammond and I are running the country”, failing to see he was being played.

Came the day when DD was demoted and Olly Robbins took over his job, but he still didn’t get the message.  He should have screamed, shouted and kicked off, but he meekly took the demotion. It was only when, months later,  he had been utterly demeaned that the truth penetrated..  He was ordered to sell the disgraceful Chequers plan, as they all were on Chequers away day.and resigned as Brexit Secretary   Anyone with any real bottle  would have resigned  as soon as Robbins took over.

David Davis has told Peston  he was “stitched up” by Downing Street before warning the EU could do the same to the UK:

“If I can be stitched up by Number 10, Britain can be stitched up by the European Commission in exactly the same way if we don’t get absolutely explicit guarantees on timetable.”

Better late than never.  DD is justifiably angry and back on side with Brexit.

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