Alastair Campbell boo boos saying Boris lied in his resignation speech!

Another boo boo from poor old Ali C,  things not going too well for the stumbling spinmeister!  Guido Fawkes explains in detail that Channel 4 FactCheck also boo booed when they accused the Peoples’ Champion of a monster fib.

FactCheck gets Boris details WRONG was the heading of Guido’s article. Guido said:  Punchy stuff from Channel 4’s FactCheck, who have accused Boris Johnson of lying in his resignation letter about EU safety regulations. Would be pretty embarrassing if Factcheck got it wrong…  

Boris wrote:

“If a country cannot pass a law to save the lives of female cyclists — when that proposal is supported at every level of UK Government — then I don’t see how that country can truly be called independent.”

Guido then explained:  When FactCheck said to Boris that “the government did not support the EU regulation on the matter”, they omitted to mention that, actually, it did. Boris was calling for this change to be made a year before the EU passed it – if the UK was a sovereign nation in control of its laws we could have implemented it ourselves. Yet another example of the media’s blind hatred of Boris resulting in basic factual errors… 

Nb. Of course this is the same Channel 4 whose editor last year liked a tweet calling Boris a “c**t”.

Brilliant stuff from brilliant Guido.

Fori full explanation of the dirty details, please click on blue links!

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