May’s betrayal of Brexit must be put right. Now

We have suspected it for months.  Subconsciously we knew.  But now an article in the Daily Telegraph confirms our worst fears. Theresa May’s “ineptitude” is betrayal.  She is trying to achieve not the best, but worst possible Brexit.  I wrote a blog at the beginning of May entitled “Her CU plans make it clear May schemed to wreck Brexit all along”. 

Now a Tory donor confirms the truth, that is the strategy  Read the Telegraph article, on the blue link in the first paragraph.  And read my blog outlining the strategy May has used on the blue link in the second paragraph.

It all fits.  It all makes sense. We deserve the Brexit we voted for, a decision that won the Referendum with the biggest mandate in British history.

May must admit her betrayal.  And  the EU negotiations must now be handled by Boris Johnson.  We have been through enough.  The country has suffered enough. This terrible injustice must be put right.  NOW.

5 responses to “May’s betrayal of Brexit must be put right. Now

  1. Sandie Nicholls

    This woman has made our once great country a hovel. She does nothing the people of Britain want it’s time she went

  2. Stephen Bridgewater

    Nothing short of treason and blatant attempt to overturn Brexit!

    • Agreed stevie

      They aren’t even trying to hide that fact now. The bastards need a good kicking, and I see only one man up for that job – BJ

  3. It is pretty obvious that May has never ever been for Brexit, and deliberately schemed to delay and wreck negotiations. Absolutely terrible.

  4. Who can believe Liars? The people have very little respect for liars .May I thought said her red Lines would not Be crossed the country will be leaving European Union and ECJ.People today are as well as and in some cases more educated than politicians who have failed to move into the real world.She betrays the country at her peril.Sovereignty of our country is in the National Interest Not being governed by a foreign country.

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