Boris off on South American trade talks – inept May should learn from him

Boris Johnson is off on a five day  trade mission to South America, doing what he does best. Building new global trade links, ahead of Brexit.  

He is heading to the Amazon jungle to view front line efforts in the battle against the illegal trade in wildlife.

His jungle trip today comes at the start of a five-day tour of Latin America, taking in Peru, Argentina and Chile, as part of the drive to drum up post-Brexit trade. 

He will be the first foreign secretary to visit Argentina since 1993, as the UK tries to reset a relationship with Buenos Aires which was thrust into the deep freeze by the bellicose approach to the Falklands of presidents Nestor Kirchner and Cristina Kirchner between 2003 and 2015.

Boris has an outstanding record of achievement raising funding and doing deals.  When London was in recession, instead of just sitting there moaning, like the present Mayor, Sadiq Khan,  he upped and went on trade missions, that resulted in billions in investment and deals.   This success saved us from recession and made London the number one city in the world.

Boris was described as a world class negotiator and salesman by admiring journalists and he has a proven track record of huge success.

Theresa May has totally botched the EU negotiations, given them everything they asked for, and handled things so ineptly, we are national laughing stocks.  She is not a negotiator, and has never negotiated a deal in her lie.  Isn’t it utterly reprehensible and a national scandal that with such a huge talent available to do the Brexit deal, she has deliberately chosen to handle and wreck the negotiations, all by herself?

2 responses to “Boris off on South American trade talks – inept May should learn from him

  1. BJ should have a plane

  2. No need for Labour to worry about jobs and growth, Boris has it covered. 10 trillion deal with Aussies on the cards if we leave, and now he is flying the flag in South America. Global deals are the future.

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