Cheating of Remain far more serious than anything done by Dominic Cummings.

In view of the outright cheating of Remain during the EU Referendum it is the most appalling hypocrisy to attack Brexit campaign manager Dominic Cummings.

For the moment, let’s forget about the 9 million the Remainers nicked  from public funds for leaflets to peddle the lie that their elitist agenda benefited the poorest in this country. 

What about the SERCO affair? The serious charge that he was plotting with the boss of  multinational SERCO, Rupert Soames and other fat cats about how to make the case for the UK remaining in the EU before he had even concluded his renegotiation deal, is hanging over the head of David Cameron.

In the Telegraph, Charles Moore said “I wouldn’t argue there is a stinking scandal here”.

Then there was the boast by Remain campaign manager Craig Oliver, in his book Unleashing Demons that every morning, against all campaign regulations, he held conference calls with all the tv stations to co-ordinate the Remain message for the day on air.  This snooze fest of a book is just a promo for David Cameron and the tv stations revelation is one of the few interesting things in it.

Even worse, the BBC,  Sky News and ITV were known to be receiving £millions from the EU.  They were both hugely biased to Remain, a clear conflict of interest. The brainwashing of the public was blatant and continued throughout the campaign.  Companies known to be in the pay of Brussels wrote reports predicting massive job losses if Brexit won.  Mark Carney, presumably leant on by the frantic Chancellor, later withdrew his scare stories.

On 24th/25th June, the stock market was deliberately crashed.  The furious Establishment, was determined to frighten the country, so took their revenge.

David Buik, an analyst at stockbroker Panmure Gordon, said: ‘We are seeing the results of the apocalyptic hysteria whipped up by the Establishment.  A list of the wild scare stories spread by Remain is here.  

Dominic Cummings has been reported to Parliament, although he is not an MP.

Guido Fawkes reports:  The House’s power to punish non-MPs for contempt is untested in the modern age, it would probably fall foul of human rights legislation. In theory Cummings could be summonsed to the bar of the House to be reprimanded or  imprisoned. The House of Commons last used its power to fine in 1666.

For evidence,  please click on blue links.

2 responses to “Cheating of Remain far more serious than anything done by Dominic Cummings.

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  2. No demand for Craig Oliver to be hauled before the Houses of Parliament for co-ordinating the tv channels to put out Remain message every morning. This was totally against the rules.

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