Italians show feeble May how to handle a negotiation

In your face!  Italians Salvini and Di Maio from La Liga and 5 Star parties are still fighting off the objections of Berlusconi as they challenge the EU to rip up the rule book by dumping the euro. Their outrageous demands include plans for Italy to leave the single currency, call for sanctions against Russia to be scrapped and a plan to ask the European Central Bank to write off the country’s £250bn debt. You make your demands  clearly, making it clear you mean what you say,  setting them out in writing.  You make it clear if you don’t get what you want, you are off.  

The Express reports:  The joint document will demand the ECB forgives Italy of €250 billion Italian benchmark BTP bonds bought under the bank’s so-called “quantitative easing” programme to help reduce Italy’s public debt. Italy’s debt mountain totals more than 130 percent of national output is the highest in the Eurozone after Greece’s.

The debt wipe would cut 10 percent off Italy’s debt/GDP ratio but the EU will be concerned this sends a negative message to other Eurozone countries still in the middle of tough austerity measures.

It could lead to a spate of Eurosceptic, populist parties making promises to clear EU debt.

German taxpayers will again be resentful that they are, in part, picking up the tab for another country’s economic mismanagement.”

This is the proper way to negotiate!  You don’t grovel to the EU.  You don’t make feeble statements like “You need to give me something – or you could be dealing with Boris Johnson!”  You don’t endlessly repeat to Mrs. Merkel “Make me an offer!” so she gets  so fedup, she publicly ridicules you and you are the laughing stock of Europe.

Theresa May has damaged the reputation of Britain so badly, only a strong, charismatic leader, who knows what this country needs can undo the damage she had done.  How much longer will it be before Boris Johnson takes on the job he was born to do?

3 responses to “Italians show feeble May how to handle a negotiation

  1. May should be ashamed. She isn’t. But she should be. Her negotiations a disaster, she just gives them whatever they want. Pushover.

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