The deceit of suicide Theresa

Anger over Theresa May’s “private plans” is about to implode as Boris and Brexiteers suspect the worst.  With her usual duplicity, May pledged in late February that she would take on the rebels over the customs union by challenging them “Back me or sack me!”

May has fended off those fears by issuing a statement that we will be leaving the single market and the customs union.

This is just a charade.  May clearly dragged out the entire procedure from the start, to allow Remainers time to work out schemes that would foil Brexit for good.  She did this while ensuring the country of her good intentions, the height of deceit and treacher.

We will, according to May,  certainly be leaving the customs union.  What we will not leaving, it now transpires, is a new “customs partnership!”  This really, is the same as the customs union, in all but name.  We won’t be able to make our own trade deals and will be stuck under EU rule for ever and ever.   In other words, we won’t be leaving the EU at all.

But the difference in wording means that May can lie herself silly that she is keeping her pledge about the customs union.  Nobody is fooled of course.  But she will happy, because her hidden agenda of scuppering the EU will be achieved, job  done!

I’m sure she won’t even care if she is supplanted as PM.  Like a suicide bomber, she is prepared to pay the price.  Because there will probably be a big fat EU payoff at the end of it, won’t there?

Tory Remoaners  plot new customs partnership, ie. customs union in all but name, to end Tory split, says Standard.  They must be joking!

Lords win an amendment saying they can stop us leaving without a deal. This could tie us in the EU forever.

Article in Spectator today says when this returns to Commons, Gov. will likely overcome it.  

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12 responses to “The deceit of suicide Theresa

  1. Now the Lords are stopping us leaving without a deal. The unelected upper chamber. They are only thinking of their own fat arses,and their pensions. BEYOND DISGUSTING.

  2. Davis has been supplanted by Olly Robbins, an arch Remainer, why the hell didn’t he make a huge fuss, and resign as soon as Robbins started moving in on him? This mess is HIS FAULT. His and May’s, Appeaser Theresa has deliberately picked patsies. Fox doesn’t have the right experience. Davis an outright coward, who has sucked up to May instead of fighting for Brexit, completely stupid and out of his depth!

    • I think our BJ should be in charge of the negotiations

      He would charm the euros into his back pocket and show May who is boss

  3. I don’t trust her or hunt and I know we ain’t gonna leave the EU

    • We WILL leave the EU and must ignore these government defeats in Parliament, we cannot accept staying in a customs union, customs arrangement, customs partnership or that will not be Brexit.

  4. The gloves are off. May is NOT doing the best she can for Brexit. She cannot negotiate, and she is wrecking it, HAS wrecked it, promised billions we don’t have to pay, given in at every turn, made utter fools of this country abroad.

  5. May must be ousted now, before such a deal is done. This will not be acceptable to British leave voting citizens. Or remain in voters, as it’s the worst of all deals! Out of the EU but trapped! unable to establish ourselves as a independent trading country. If May is allowed to do this? the Tories are finished, all will be tainted by association to such a betrayal. It will be to late replacing her later. I honestly couldn’t vote for the party again, it such a deal takes place. In the name of sanity! before it’s to late, have a leadership challenge now.

    • Marie, the statement about we are leaving customs union a charade. Bojo, Fox, Davis steaming, she has been making private plans to form a customs partnership with EU. in other words, we STILL can’t make our own trade deals, still under EU control, ie. fake Brexit, sellout.

    • It’s not that easy if she WERE ousted, same old problem. Majority of Tories are Remainers. Gavin Williamson after it, he would be as bad, Remooaners will vote in another Remainer.

      • May is a duplicitous old cow

        She can’t rely on Boris to save her all of the …… time. Needs to go.

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