Sassy Stacey Solomon is a big hit when interviewing Boris

Singer and pop journalist Stacey Solomon interviewed Boris Johnson and Stacey’s honesty, warmth and humour have produced a highly enjoyable and surprisingly perceptive interview.   Stacey covered a range of subjects, including Leave No Girl Behind, Boris’s incentive for the world wide education of little girls everywhere. Boris has appointed a special envoy to help young girls world wide go to school who might otherwise never get an education.  Meghan Markle was a big supporter of the idea when she heard about it.

As Mayor, Boris was a huge supporter of education in London and he toured many junior schools, urging kids “Work hard”  and “Grab your opportunities!”

Other topics included Stanley Johnson, Boris’s dad, and his latest appearances on I’m a Celebrity and Made in Chelsea, and sister Rachel,  tv star of The Pledge, and how she has more than coped in a household of famous alpha males.

Stacey and Boris were obviously on the same wave length.  Stacey was sharp enough to see the real committedspecial  Boris and that always helps.

The link to her great interview is here, and Stacey did so well, she ought to have her own chat show.

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