Piers Morgan on GMB makes excuses for antisemite Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn can no longer be regarded as an honourable politician.  He has repeatedly been asked to clear up the antisemitism in his party.  He has admitted the problem is out of control.  But after three weeks, still nothing has been done.

How reprehensible therefore was Piers Morgan for taking the side of the Labour leader and denouncing the furiously angry criticism of Corbyn for this lack of action on the social media as “terrible”.

Jeremy Corbyn has been denounced by his own party for laying flowers on the grave of the Palestinian terrorist who slaughtered and tortured the Israeli athletes in the  1972 Olympics, an action he admits he did.  He refuses to expel rabid antisemite Ken Livingstone from the Labour party.

Labour has quietly reinstated six councilors who have posted anti semitic messages. Corbyn has failed to take action, even though over 300 allegations of antisemitism have been made since he became leader.  

His right-hand man John McDonnell refused to say a senior Labour figure should be kicked off their ruling committee after defending a member in ‘Holocaust denial’ row.

A apologist for Corbyn on the show, of course a Labour peer, tried to make out that the problem was that Jewish people were “sensitive”.

And yet Piers criticised the anger against Jeremy Corbyn.  NOT the man himself, who was gushed over as “humble “.   The programme Good Morning Britain, inadequate at best in dealing with political issues,  has hit a new, terrible low.

One response to “Piers Morgan on GMB makes excuses for antisemite Jeremy Corbyn

  1. A glaring silence from the GMB staff on the huge problem of anti semitism in the Labour party. Piers morgan is far too conceited and self satisfied to admit he is wrong over this.

    His only aim is his own self glorification, scant attention paid to the facts, he loves himself and that’s enough. But the scandal about the huge antisemitism in the Labour rumbles on still unresolved.

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