Now whip cracking EU wants to control members’ taxes and economies

A leader in The Sun has really let the cat out of the bag.    Apparently when Boris Johnson was slated for saying that the EU was all about forming a militant superstate he was bang on the nail. 

The Sun says:  We always said a vote to stay in the EU would not keep the status quo. That Brussels would grab more power and engulf us.

We were right. Martin Schulz, new German foreign minister, says all EU nations must be part of a “United States of Europe” by 2025 or leave.

Brussels will control members’ economies and taxes.

Britain could never have tolerated it.

Nor will others. It will be explosive.

Why is it still considered “extreme” to leave the single market and customs union when the extremists are on the other side?

Martin Schulz tells EU members converge or quit!  His plan is to take over their ecomies, tax systems and everyone has to join Euro by 2025.

Update:  Martin Schulz has just stepped down as Foreign Minister reports the Spectator. But idea of taking over  EU members’ economy and taxes will continue.

A United States of Europe would be based on the financial arrangements explained above and would insist that all participating members joined the euro by 2025

Other German Ministers also promote the idea of a United States of Europe.  Juncker certainly in favour. 

A load more links are here, click blue on this sentence.  And Merkel and Schulz have decided they won’t put it to members for a vote!  It’s like Do it or get out!

2 responses to “Now whip cracking EU wants to control members’ taxes and economies

  1. A New Federal State will be born when the people will do as they are told pay what they’re told and if not Federal Police or Federal Army May get you any good writers out there story for them.😂😂😂😂

    • Rod, check out the latest plan for EU to take over economies and tax systems of their members will detroy the EU for good.

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